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Pregnancy after LOOP procedure.

Jan 5th, 2017, 11:24 AM   #1
Hi, I'm 34, WTT at the moment, as I had iron deficiency and have been taking Iron for the last several months. I have pernicious anaemia and use B12 spray daily - it's controlled.
Just over a year ago I had a LOOP procedure to eliminate CIN 2 cells in my cervix, after that my smear test came back clear but the virus was still detected.
When I spoke to the doctor, he wasn't concerned about any of these, said there's no way of me getting another smear test until I'm due one (back on 3 years check now).
Has anyone been in similar situation?
I'm mostly worried about the LOOP procedure because I know it can cause premature birth + it'll be my first pregnancy at 34..
Is there anywhere I could see a gynaelogist privately? I am Polish but lived here over 11 years, married to an English man (not that it should matter) and was told that perhaps I could get tested in Poland.. I'm amazed nobody will do tests here if you pay - is this right??
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Jan 5th, 2017, 17:48 PM   #2
I'm sorry I have no idea or experience but wanted to wish you luck.

I'm like you pretty shocked that they won't do one if you're wanting to go private. Id keep asking around if I were you

When are you wanting to start trying?

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Jan 6th, 2017, 18:05 PM   #3
Just ask to be seen by a different doctor first before you go private! If it's your first letz procedure done it shouldn't be too much problem, i think it's subsequent ones that can be an issue. It's weird they sent you back when the virus is still present as I believe that they should keep monitoring you every 6-12 months! Perhaps make an appointment with your gp again first discuss your concerns ask for it to be possible to be seen at a different hospital or doctor before you pay to go private, I always think making that step to go private where they charge you might end up having things done unnecessarily because they just want to cash in . Even still you should be able to see someone to discuss your concerns, even gyno's know a lot about it so might be worth to just ask to be seen by one of them just for a peace of mind x

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