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I'm back and I'd really love some advice :(

Apr 19th, 2017, 20:42 PM   #1
I haven't been on for a while, but my LB is now 3.5 and we are TTC number 2, and no luck so far and I know you ladies have so much knowledge, I felt like I needed to come here again!

We would have tried a bit sooner but I developed pre eclampsia and had lots of health problems with High BP and migraines after I had my LO and tbh its been this long until I've felt healthy enough to try again.

I had my coil removed in June last year, and while I admit we have been a little haphazard about trying, its starting to worry me a little. My cycles have varied between 25 and 30 days. On some months I have used ovulation sticks, but I'll admit to not being very religious about it and I haven't had a single positive ovulation test.

I've just turned 36 and its starting to freak me out that something might be wrong. I'm trying not to worry too much....for starters, we have not 'tried' enough(!), as we are so busy and knackered, but after ages of not being too bothered, my clock is ticking very loudly now!

Any pointers?! And is there anything docs will do given that we already have a child?

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Apr 20th, 2017, 15:22 PM   #2
Hi Gemsy,

I know how you feel with the whole being too busy its hard with a little one and managing day to day life to think about dtd at the right time! I've not had a positive OPK and my periods don't seem to have returned to a normal cycle they are so hit n miss. I'm also 36, my daughter is 6 and I fell pregnant within 6wks of coming off the pill with her so I'm starting to worry this time and I'm getting wrapped up in the whole TTC thing so I know the stress isn't good.

I don't get along with the OPK tests at all so I've decided to buy an Ovusense monitor, google it and have a read. It is supposed to take the guess work out by recording your temp overnight, you do have to insert this sperm looking thing inside (sexy I know!) but it charts when/if you ovulate. Also says you should try it if you've been trying for 6mths plus. At the moment I will try anything!

Good luck!

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Apr 21st, 2017, 13:10 PM   #3
I would think a GP would send you for tests if there is a chance you are not ovulating.
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Apr 21st, 2017, 14:33 PM   #4
What sensitivity are your OPK's hun? I tried the 30miu ones and they weren't sensitive enough for me so switched to the 20miu ones and get a positive each month now. I'm 35 (36 this year) so know how you feel.


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Apr 22nd, 2017, 08:53 AM   #5
Your background is so similar to mine. My little girl is 3.5 now and it took a long time for us to want another after getting pre-eclampsia.

I stated off using Ovia this time to just track AF, as I'm irregular. Then in March I bought my first lot of opks. Just bought 30 for 2.39 as I didn't want to waste money if I didn't get on with them. Mine were really faint until one morning, it was slightly darker (but still very negative) at 4pm it was a little darker and at 10pm it was fully positive and I had cramps. By the next morning, it was negative and faint. I was surprised how quickly the surge happened and how if I'd just tested in the morning, I'd have missed it. I got my BFP, so it seemed to help!

Best of luck with TTC, definitely see your doctor if you're concerned. x

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