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In desperate need for support

Jan 9th, 2017, 20:33 PM   #1
My OT and I have been TTC since Feb 2016. After 6 years of using the implant, I had this removed in feb.
I know in comparison to other people who have been trying, 11 months is not a long time. However I am losing hope. I'm fed up of my friends telling me to just 'relax and it will happen.' Gee I never thought of that!
Has anyone else here conceived after having the implant removed?
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Feel your pain!

Jan 9th, 2017, 23:46 PM   #2
Hey there, I am also new to the site (joined yesterday), been TTC since May after being on the pill for about 13 odd years and nothing has happened yet, i know it's not as long as you have been trying but I do feel what you are going through.
It is SO frustrating when people say "try to forget about it, don't think about it and it will just happen!" I'm sorry but at what point can you ever just 'stop thinking about it' when you desperately want a baby!? Every twinge, every feeling of nausea, every craving for a different type of food, every time you feel bloated, always thinking "Oooh could THIS be it? My time at last?" And then you get your period and feel like utter crap!
It frustrates me that I have never felt this ready for anything in my life, and I want to be a mum so bad, and yet a young teenager can go to a party and get drunk, have sex with a guy shes never met and fall pregnant instantly! How is that fair?
Anyway, rant over! This forum seems good for ranting and as horrible as it may sound, it is nice to know there are people in the same situation so you are not alone WE WILL GET THERE!! xx
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Jan 10th, 2017, 11:11 AM   #3
Have your periods become regular since having it removed? Are you using anything like opks and temping to see when and if your ovulating? X

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Jan 10th, 2017, 18:44 PM   #4
Hey there
I had my implant removed in Feb 2016 due to heavy periods. My dh decided to go the ntnp route. I got my bfp in July. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage the following month. Hang in there hun
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Jan 12th, 2017, 02:03 AM   #5
Hi there,

I haven't had the implant, but my husband and I have been trying (intentionally) since November 2016, so this is only month three. However, I have wanted to have kids for the past 2 years and he wasn't ready. I completely understand how frustrating it is though. It sucks because a lot of people think getting pregnant is so easy. Unfortunately that's not the case for everyone. Just know you have us on this forum for support. That was the reason why I joined. And yeah, it is very hard to relax, especially when things aren't going the way we want. Just try to stay positive. My friend who tried for a year and a half told me she would have one day where she would just cry and sob and have a few glasses of wine and then clean herself up for the next day so that she could carry on. I did that last month and it seemed to help. Good luck to you, my dear. I know its hard, but just think positive!
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desperate, support

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