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Little twinges?

Jan 9th, 2017, 00:46 AM   #1
Hi all, hope you're all doing well. Just a quick question. Im due to ovulate in 6 days (according to my calendar which isn't always accurate) yesterday and today IVe been getting twinges in the left side of my lower abdomen where I think my ovary is. Nothing hugely painful just a quick twinge. Probably had 20 in total in two days spaced out through the day. Could that be ovulation? Not really any EWCM or any other ovulation symptoms? Any thoughts? Ovulation test was negative but I'm not sure how accurate they are either! TIA XXX

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Jan 9th, 2017, 12:28 PM   #2
Hi, I'm quite new to this too, I'm at my third cycle trying. I've been feeling exactly what you describe, and been wondering about it too. This month and the last I've used opks and got a positive one later on (about 10-15 days later). I'm still not sure what is is but it comes about a week after last af day.
Pretty sure it's quite normal and not necessarily a sign of early ovulation (but I cannot say that for sure).
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