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Anyone had reduced EDF on there doppler scan (reduced blood flow through cord)

Nov 4th, 2013, 16:28 PM   #1
Hi all

Ive been having scans every couple of weeks due to the size of baby, last week (tue) I went for a scan and they did the doppler and the blood flow was reduced (EDF). My consultant told me that I needed another scan two days later and if the blood flow stayed the same or got worse they would book me in for a cesarean. As my consultant is only at the hospital on a Tuesday when I went on the Thursday I had to go day care, they wouldnt book me in for a cesarean and just booked me a scan for tomorrow and to see the consultant. I have had to go in everyday to monitor babys heart beat.

Has anyone been through similar as I cannot find any stories online. Or knows anything about this.

What is the outcome how soon do you think I may get a cesarean, I cannot sleep so worried about him/

I am 37 weeks today

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Nov 4th, 2013, 16:32 PM   #2
My sister had this from 26 weeks and ended up having baby naturally at 37 weeks I don't know the ins and outs of it all but she had daily scans a lot of the time. I don't think they will mess about if it's too low it's not worth the risk hun.
Good luck x

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Nov 4th, 2013, 16:33 PM   #3
Yes I had reduced EDF when I had a scan at 36+1 with my daughter. In my case the reduced blood flow was due to pre-eclampsia. This made her small. However, the last time I'd been scanned was at 20 weeks, so I have no idea when it started (probably 32 weeks as that was roughly when she stopped growing).

She was absolutely fine, just small. In cases where there's reduced blood flow, the baby's often smaller but the head is usually correct for dates as amazingly their little bodies know what's important and stick to developing the brain as normal.

I had an emergency section the following day for pre-eclampsia and foetal distress rather than the reduced blood flow (although I suspect that would be another reason for getting the baby out).

I hope everything goes well for you (I'm sure it will). If there's any risk to baby they'll get him out asap, especially given the fact you're pretty much full term. Try not to worry xxx

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