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Sleep Problems :0(

Sep 19th, 2005, 08:59 AM   #1
Wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same. Im now 30 weeks 2 days, with a very active baby.

The Last couple of nights Ive been waking around 3.30am for a wee and then been unable to get back to sleep. Baby has been kicking about but to be honest that dosnt keep me awake particulary. First night I actually got up and ended up on the internet until 5am in the morning and eventually got back to sleep. Last night, I felt so tired I just lay there tossing and turning with my mind racing and not being able to sleep for over an hour. Thinking about the birth, things go wrong, that kind of thing.

I can't say its because im particulary uncomfortable, as Im not. I dont have caffine before I go to bed. (only have one cup of tea a day) I do shower so im relaxed. And dont actually have any problems getting to sleep its just waking up in the night.

Has anyone got any advice as obviously nothing worse than a bad nights sleep and feel like a walking zombie today again !

Thank you

Ragna xxxx
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Sep 19th, 2005, 10:15 AM   #2
i went througha stage of gettinguo every night at 3.36 exactly every night lol i found that if i looked at a clock i was awake longer thinking why cant i sleep i know it sounds stupid but when i didint look at time i went straight bk to sleep
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Sep 19th, 2005, 11:52 AM   #3
Hi Ragna,

sorry about your insomnia . I'm not really having problems with that and I have finally managed to find just the right arrangement of cushions but in the last week my sprog has really started to get more active and I get these weird turning over movements at regular intervals all through the night which wakes me up. I'm having really vivid dreams as well so even though I'm asleep I feel like I've been awake all night- most of them involve me going into labour in awkward places or a recurring one of me being kind of trapped in a hospital room days before I'm actually due waiting to give birth and it seems to go on forever.

Sorry I have no tips or anything just wanted to send solidarity vibes!

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Sep 19th, 2005, 11:56 AM   #4
Hi Ragna!!

I have a similar problem. I go up to bed at night normally feeling shattered and then can't actually get to sleep. I don't drink tea or coffee and I'm not that uncomfortable either. Saturday night I got up after tossing and turning and didn't feel tired enough to go back to sleep until 4.30am. All day Sunday I felt terrible. Was so tired I actually felt sick.
Although on the up side, if I do manage to fall asleep I don't have any problem staying asleep until the morning (except for 3 or 4 toilet stops)

I would come onto the forum when I can't sleep but computer is in bedroom and OH wouldn't be impressed!!!

Did you go shopping Ragna? xxx
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Sep 19th, 2005, 13:13 PM   #5
Aww thank you everyone for your replies. Knew I could rely on you lot.

Just knowing that im not alone is a help in itself. Will try not to look at clock tonight and see if that helps. Maybe its just a one off and Ill be fine (heres hoping)

Yes I went shopping and bought all the basics that we need. We took our three youngest, 15, 12 and 11 and they loved every minute of it. Bought quite a bit from Tescos as the clothes are gorgeous plus all the nappies etc etc. So now actually have bought something after 30 weeks !!! (was a long wait lol) Seen the pram as well which is the same one that Sami is getting (thanks sami for that tip) and going to go to Toys R us at some point as the Teddy bear range over there has got us hooked lol. )

Ragna xxxxxx
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