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Reduced hours?

Mar 6th, 2012, 15:26 PM   #1
I really want to ask if I can reduce my hours at work and maybe leave at say 3.00pm everyday.

I feel as if I am getting so tired and exhausted and achey and I am looking for a way to reduce this.

I have looked at our company handbook and there is nothing in there to help me, has anyone ever asked for this before?

We have 4 new people starting 2 on the 13th March and 2 a month later, I am the most senior member on the team so I know I will be called for training them, so do I just go ahead and ask and see what they say or just deal with it until the 27th April when I leave?

or am I just being whingey?

Cheers my lovelies xxxx

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Mar 6th, 2012, 15:30 PM   #2
Have a look on the ACAS website or ring them for advice. Even if you aren't legally entitled to it if your company is easy going they might give you some leeway xxxxxxxxx

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Mar 6th, 2012, 15:30 PM   #3
I don't have any experience personaly but my sil felt like this towards the end of her pregnancy and spoke to the manager and explained that she would need early mat leave because the way she was feeling and her manager offered her reduced hours to suit her so maybe its worth asking hun xx

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Mar 6th, 2012, 15:39 PM   #4
If you dont ask you wont get. even if your not officially entitiled they might manage to work something out. xxx

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Mar 6th, 2012, 17:37 PM   #5
I reduced my hours for 6 weeks last year as I was struggling there's nothing to stop you asking. Good luck
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Mar 6th, 2012, 21:55 PM   #6
my hours were reduced due to severe SPD, their policy was if you couldnt work full hours due to pregnancy related issues (whatever they may be) then they would reduce hours.

maybe go to your GP? say you're not coping you're worried you're putting stress on your body etc and see what they suggest. your GP can write a sick note that says you are able to work but on lower hours

good luck xxxx

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