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Questions, questions, questions!

Jun 14th, 2006, 12:24 PM   #1
Hello ladies,

Feeling really crap this week and have got a hundred and one questions and can't get into see my Doc or midwife until next week. Not sure where to post this but hope the Mums and Mums to be can help!

If I sleep on my left side I am waking up with, tingling in my left arm and palpitations, but its fine on my right - its so strange, I keep getting a dead arm anyone else getting this?

I'm getting really wheezy and my chest is quite sore, is it normal to get so out of breath at this stage?

I am concerned about my weight gain (who isn't!!!) I had only put on 1/2 a stone by week 23, thats was 10 weeks a go and now my total weight gain is nearly 3 stone! Is it normal to put on so much so quickly? I am putting some on around my face, arms and legs etc but primarily all around my belly and middle, with seven weeks still to go I am panicking!

My bump keeps changing, I have experienced Braxton hicks and they don't worry me but my bump keeps getting very tight high above my belly button and swells up so I look double the size and stays that way for a couple of days and gets really tender and I feel sick, get bad headaches and feel absolutley dog tired, the next day it might go very soft and very low and I look a lot smaller and feel much better, can someone please explain whats happening!?

I have been in recovery from ME for the last eighteen months and the palpitations were common as well as the headaches and tiredness, I am so scared that I am going to go down hill again after I have worked so hard to recover and dread suffering with the baby on its way. Is it common to be this tired at thirty three weeks? Are there any other ME sufferers out there that can give me some advice on how to stay on top of this?

Sorry so many questions but got so much going on and not sure what's normal!

The more I think the more I worry and as I am spending more and more time in bed, I'm doing more thinking - arrggghhh!

Kat x
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Jun 14th, 2006, 13:06 PM   #2

I've had loads of what you have said and always told not to worry:

Lying on left side - if I lie on left side or right side too long I get pins and needles - left was always worse tho! It's just the baby squishing nerves, etc.

Wheezy - I had that bad a few weeks ago and the doctor gave me an inhalor - it's supposed to be more common in pregnancy as our lungs are working harder and often the baby is squishing the lungs too.

Weight gain - to be honest I am trying not to think about it

Bump changes: my bump changes daily - especially now the little one keeps engaging their head and then deciding they'd rather have a play about abit more!

Honestly dont worry. If you are still concerned call your midwife unit.

Hope this helps!

S. xx
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Jun 14th, 2006, 13:41 PM   #3
Hi Kat!

What your getting is totally normal hun try not to worry yourself (easier said than done i know)

The tiredness i can relate to completly 12 hours sleep last night and at the mo my eyes feel like they are about to close

The bump changes and wait gain are completly normal too.

With the wheezing id suggest a trip to your gp who if he thinks you need it will give you an inhaler to help it a bit. - I had this when i was pregnant with beth.

Hope your ok huni and you know where i am if you want to chat xx
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Jun 14th, 2006, 15:25 PM   #4
I echo what the others have said......try not to worry and relax. As for the whezzyness I sometimes get this and feel breathless and have found in bed it's better if i prop myself up on lots of pillows.

If you are still worried or concerned about anything....call your midwife thats what they are there for!


Amy xx
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Jun 14th, 2006, 17:31 PM   #5
Thanks ladies! I'm just so fed up of being uncomfortable and now in the final stretch getting slightly neurotic, I just want it over and done with!

I hope you are all doing fine and coping in this heat wave!

Kat x
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Jun 18th, 2006, 16:47 PM   #6
you could be carrying a lot of water... which would also explain the pins and needles and dead arm! i've suffered with pins and needles in my hands since about 20 weeks and now my right hand fingers are totally dead! worst at nite time... i was given a splint to sleep in but no use... try to not curle your wrists when sleeping.. try not to sleep too long on one side.. the wheezing (as the others have said) is probably down to your lungs getting squashed... i sometimes feel like i can't take in a deep breath... do you get it worse after eating? climbing stairs or lying too flat?

call your hospital if you get more worried and speak to a mw - don't feel like your moaning... the midwifes have to rely on us noticing things...

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