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Pregnant and alone

Dec 14th, 2014, 20:58 PM   #1
Hi. My name is Clare. I have two amazing children from a previous relationship. Was on my own with them for 7 years. Then two years ago met my amazing partner or so I thought. After a two year relationship, he left me as soon as I concieved. Now I am 15 weeks pregnant and on my own. How do you cope? I am working, a single parent of two children and pregnant. Finding it all a bit too much. Any advice would be great received or even someone to talk too.
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Dec 14th, 2014, 22:23 PM   #2
Hi Smilerh,

I'm not in the same situation as you but didn't want to read and run especially when you are feeling alone. This is a great place to chat to people even if they are not in the same situation. Do you have family or friends close by that you can talk to or can help when baby arrives? X
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Dec 15th, 2014, 00:16 AM   #3
Hi Claire,

Hope you're ok. Did your partner leave because you conceived? Might he just be spooked by the idea?

No need to answer if you dint want to. I'm sorry you feel alone, it must be a horrible feeling. Use this forum...people are here to help xx
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Dec 16th, 2014, 12:20 PM   #4
I was a pregnant single mum working full time at that point.
Once i realised he wasnt going to be involved i embraced it and enjoyed my pregnancy. Its the questions thats got to me x

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Jan 4th, 2015, 20:43 PM   #5
Hi Smilerh

I am a single parent of 1 and have found it very hard. I have added you as a friend if you would like to talk more about it
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Jan 7th, 2015, 15:33 PM   #6
I've currently got one LO who is three in March, baby number 2 due in March. Neither Dad involved (I pick the best guys!!!) and I work full time!!

I've just had to embrace that me and my wee yin get on okay just us, so I'll be able to cope with number 2 as well xx

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Jan 18th, 2015, 18:09 PM   #7
I think you are all amazing. I am a married mum of one, currently expecting number two and haven't returned from maternity leave yet and, even with my husband's support and regular visits from family for support etc, I find it bloody, bloody hard work. Don't get me wrong, I love love love being a Mummy, but it has given me an appreciation for single parents I couldn't have had before. I don't intend that to sound patronising, apologies if it does, I just think it is bloody amazing. Clare, sending you big hugs and I hope you have family or friends nearby who can help out. You will find a way and you will be utterly brilliant xxxxx
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Apr 21st, 2015, 09:29 AM   #8
Hi clare. I am not a single parent, and too have a new admiration for single mums. I don't known your situation but if it is pregnancy that's spooked the dad, maybe he just needs time and space? But don't waste too much energy trying to get him to come around. If I was in your shoes I would surround myself with people I could rely on for support and I would accept all the help I could get (all idealisms thrown out the window). I would be able to rely on my parents and would even consider moving in with them if that was an option? They have my niece and nephew all day every Friday and sometimes over night too. Maybe you could have a similar arrangement with your lo? That would at least give you a day a week to catch up on sleep or chores. If you start something like that now before the baby arrives your lo would adjust before the baby comes.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself and I'd you have to let things like tidyness slide let it.

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