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anyone here whose dealing with male infertility,not female infertility?

Sep 17th, 2012, 13:06 PM   #1
couples who have discovered its a male infertility issue,i mean?

i think all the posts i have read in this forum are from women who either have no diagnosed reason or who have medical issues with themselves which can hinder getting pregnant,but im not sure if ive come across anybody whose dealing with infertility which is primarily because their OH has been found to have fertility issues.

just wondering if there are any ? (at present,looks like our infertility is because of an underlying issue/s on my OH side).
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Sep 17th, 2012, 16:49 PM   #2
Hi Seraphim!

I didn't want to read and run ...... We have no real reason to think its my DH as he is pretty healthy etc, it's me who has the health issues. I was diagnosed a type 1 diabetic during my first pregnancy and have had lots of issues that came with it BUT we are just assuming the problem lays on my side because of this.

I suppose until after a year or so of trying we'll get some tests done and then we'll find out for sure.

What do the docs think is your OH's problem? xxx
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Sep 18th, 2012, 10:53 AM   #3
I was beginning to think maybe my oh spermies aren't wat they used to be as we have kids together but on the other hand I have got pregnant twice in the last 15 months ish but ended in mc for me so could be I have issues with older eggs maybe scar tissue on uterus from op I needed to remove placenta or from erpc I had I just don't know but I hate not knowing I hate the unknown and not beeing in control of things, if ur oh has low sperm count I think taking zinc helps that a lot xxx

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Sep 22nd, 2012, 15:08 PM   #4
Oh has low sperm and poor morphology.

Its the morphology that cant be improved.Theres the odd internet site that suggests you can improve morphology but they are few and far between and not coming from reputable sources,unlike the resources ive found that will state morphology isnt something you can change.

My kids are from previous partners and ttc was never something i ever did,it just happened,no trying.

Ive got pcos and endometriosis but as i said conceiving hasnt been an issue for me in my past and neither of those conditions prevented me getting pregnant,including conceiving fraternal twins naturally.

the tests from me so far show nothing abnormal,bloods for ovulation were fine,ive always had a period eveyr month,with some variation in cycle length but nothing beyond a couple of days.

Ive been pregnant quite a few times which have been confirmed by tests,wuldnt like to speculate on any that i didnt pick up on r were really early mc's.

OH has no kids and is older than me,hasnt been celebate until he met me either lol!

Its not definitive but all indications point to OH,even he says he thinks its purely on his side.

Its a different set of emotions i think when its your OH thats looking to be the reason why there isnt a pregnancy yet.

I read the posts in ttc,long term ttc ,secondary infertility and how women feel when they are striving to conceve,the pills,the temping,the proceedures,all the intensive indepth researching and interest in trying all sorts of homeopathic stuff and how it makes women feel when they find they have issues that can be getting in the way of them being pregnant.

Just dont see posts about women who are going through the ttc experience where their OH is the primary reason behind why they havent gotten pregnant yet and how it makes them feel,how their OH feels that sort of thing.

I guess i just wondered if it was only me
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Sep 27th, 2012, 21:18 PM   #5
Hi Seraphim, I think some of the ICSI ladies are in the same boat as you, and will understand with how you must feel. I think because of the need for ICSI, it points at mostly sperm issues, but I have heard of using it for fert rate issues found on first ivf cycles and where they have eggs with thicker coatings to help with fert, (ones that need assisted hatching I think).

I imagine the feelings and emotions must be different for you, but in the same respect I imagine your partner must feel lots of guilt about this, and worry about your feelings if issue is his. Also he must know that you can't always put on a brave face and "be ok about it and supportive". It's a tricky one, I hope someone on here will be able to set your mind at rest that your really not alone in being the ok one X

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Oct 7th, 2012, 13:16 PM   #6
Im looking into IUI atm too and use of meds.

waiting om the 1-4 day bloods results right now from the gp ,had an internal scan which showed the pcos had dissapeared (no idea if thats medically possible,but wasnt there then so i can only surmise the 2 other scans were mistaken??)

also waiting on oh 2nd semen analysis,a couple of months after the first one when he was smoking.over 3 months later after he quit smoking it will be interesting to see what changes if any no smoking has had on things.

Were we 20 something id want to leave things to happen naturally.he has low sperm count 12(not sure if thats meant to be million billion or what) when average is apparently 20 and up.stats would indicate its not dire and with time we might conceive naturally,but times not on our side and i was looking to increase the family by a minimum of 3 more and with things are they are thats out of the question naturally now because of age.

so im counting the days until we get to see this private fertility consultant on the 18th of this month when im hoping to leave fully informed (and poorer) with a plan of action.

im wondering about the use of fertility meds in conjunction with iui as opposed to icsi.

ive got fraternal twins (conceived naturally) and the multiple pregnancy thing isnt something im worried about mainly because i already understand and know what its like and i have been wondering if maybe IUI with the meds might work instead of the ICSI.

cant wait to get some answers to it all soon
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Apr 5th, 2017, 15:59 PM   #7
Yes! I have a post in the WTT forum about this.
Husband is diabetic type 2, age 41, low cortisol, checked for brain tumour, being seen by endocrine specialist. Been back and forth to the hospital having tests and trying therapies. I've officially stopped all my hormone treatments in preparation. Then we've been set back because the Testogel therapy he was on for 4/5 months didn't work and now we're waiting for the injection therapy which he will have 4 times a year with blood tests each time to check cortisol and testosterone. All this waiting makes me want to scream! I've had a few checks done myself, and I seem to be perfectly healthy! Cholesterol is a bit on the high side at 6.8 but other than that, blood counts were all normal and hormones were all OK.
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Nov 13th, 2017, 14:37 PM   #8
Myself I know a few couples with a male factor. One lady got pregnant via IVF, the second one is still investigating the issue.

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