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Just venting -weight gain

Dec 22nd, 2016, 10:29 AM   #1
Anyone on their second/subsequent pregnancy? Feeling a bit down about weight gain, I know its going to happen but cant help comparing to my first (only gained 11lb in total with my first). Havent weighed myself but can feel a big difference in my maternity clothes. I know there are so many other things other people are concerned about and this is so minor, but just wanted to vent! xxx
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Dec 22nd, 2016, 11:09 AM   #2
this is my third and my weight gain is through the roof. I couldn't do my jeans up by about 10 weeks and I've put on about a stone already which is a lot more than my boys

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Dec 22nd, 2016, 13:55 PM   #3
Yup exactly the same..I'm 16 weeks with my 2nd and been in maternity trousers for weeks.mw weighed me this morning and I went in Google to convert to stone and put on like a stone akready!

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Dec 28th, 2016, 17:32 PM   #4
Yea I'm expecting number 2 and at 15 weeks I feel much bigger than first time round. Having said that, first time round I was much more concerned about weight gain and monitored closely to make sure I was in the expected 'range' - I gained about 2 stone in total but lost almost all of it in the first 2-3 week after birth (yay breastfeeding ha ha) - this time I think I will put more weight on because I can't exercise as much as I didn't with my first pregnancy when I did a lot of swimming and walking because I have a 16 month to look after as well (plus I still feel crap) but trying not to let it get me down - it's natural and as long as you're eating well and keeping as active as you can you should lose it again without too much trouble - no point beating yourself up though, your body will do what it needs to do x
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Dec 28th, 2016, 19:46 PM   #5
I'm 15+1 and have a big visible bump and none of my clothes fit me, they've honestly been tight since around 10 weeks. This is my second, with my first I didn't get anything til around 22 weeks. I was kinda loving my bump already but have started getting so much grief from my mum and aunt to "watch my weight" and how I'm "going to end up massive and unhappy" when the baby is here. On Xmas day my aunt got me a big tub of celebrations, then when i went to take one (one!) she said "you better be careful or you're going to end up huge again" (I lost 4 stone a few years ago) I was like why vuy me them and then moan when I take one?! So now I'm really down and stressing about it. Sorry bit of a rant there! X
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