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Cervical Ectropion

Dec 16th, 2016, 11:07 AM   #1
Hi Girls,

anyone else have this? i was bleeding last night and when i went to get checked out they said i had this.

ive read it doesnt harm baby and i could bleed throughout my pregnancy x

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Dec 16th, 2016, 12:21 PM   #2
goodness, that sounds scary!
To be honest I've never heard of it however if they say it's ok and harmless then that's a good sign.
Hope you are ok x

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Dec 16th, 2016, 12:39 PM   #3
im just worried, it stopped last night but just been loo again and its started again.

rang the midwife and she said its down to that issue and she has no fears that the baby is okay. just wish i knew xx

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Dec 16th, 2016, 12:47 PM   #4
I don't have this exactly but I was told that my cervix is slightly folded over at the opening (which is apparently really common, esp after having had a baby). I was told that it could bleed when irritated but to be honest I'd forgotten about it until I read this - it's caused me no problems. I'd try not to worry Hun - it's better to have bleeding that can be explained by something not particularly sister than to have bleeding with no cause, if that makes sense? In other words, take comfort in the fact you know what is causing it and try to trust your midwives, I know it's scary.. Obviously call them whenever you are worried or the bleeding changes but I'm sure you're just fine xxx

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cervical, ectropion

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