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Still sick and not coping at work

Jul 6th, 2016, 09:04 AM   #1
26 weeks and 3 days and I was expecting that glow people talk about. Instead I've got anemia low blood sugar levels and a high blood pressure. I sweat constantly and have to sit down a lot as I always feel faint. Been to gp loads and have been signed off for the last 4 weeks to rest. Due to go back in 3 days but don't feel I could even cope working full time again. Does anyone else struggle with the commute to work and then 8 hours working then commuting home. I work behind a desk which is easy enough but the work is stressful and trying to organise a team of engineers when I have baby brain is not working. My boss is not remotely understanding as his perfect wife (my college) never had an issues during her 3 pregnancies so he doesn't see the issue only 7 week till maternity starts....m
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Jul 6th, 2016, 11:07 AM   #2
I did, I was the exorcist when preggers. I cut my hours down so I kept working but I ended up being told off for being on busy so many times because I kept going toilet and even that it took me 5 mins longer to finish my lunch as that was cut when I switched to part time, I wasn't bothered doing 5 mins longer when my shift finished so I ended up doing that. Tho I wasn't anaemic at any point nor did I have high blood pressure. In that case I would thoroughly discuss with doctors, midwives and consultant whether it be wise to even still work or go for your health instead. You can always go back to work after mat leave and do not feel guilty! X

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Jul 6th, 2016, 13:16 PM   #3
I sympathise. I wasn't working before my 1st pregnancy and have mostly been a stay at home mum since but there is no way I could have worked full time during most of pregnancy. In all my pregnancies I suffered from severe morning sickness then dizziness from low BP then dizziness from anemia and high BP. In my pregnancy with DS I was really struggling at about your stage. I had to spend a lot of time lying down because of the dizziness. If I pushed it at all I got weird turns where I got all dizzy and sweaty and my pulse would race and BP go through the roof. Once I got the anemia under control I was a somewhat better for the rest of the pregnancy but still had to take things slow and still had high BP.

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Jul 6th, 2016, 14:07 PM   #4
GP did suggest bringing mat leave forward but I can't afford to peace just yet and the sick pay is just as bad. Talk about punish you for suffering with pregnancy. I feel so pathetic though as it's not an illness but the exhaustion that you get is terrible I can literally spend a day of the sofa sleeping and still feel knackered. My poor OH is putting in so much otime at work to make up my money bless him. I've managed to get another sick note for rest of this week and that leaves me with 6 weeks to go. My contract ends this Nov so won't be going back there anyway which is quite a bonus I'm not enjoying workng with my colleges at all but can't believe how horrible it's been up to yet
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