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Sleep Problems

Sep 9th, 2005, 14:10 PM   #1
I got back from a wonderful holiday in the States last Saturday and thought I'd beaten the jet lag as I slept fine - and at normal times - Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. But I have not been able to sleep since then. I can't get to sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning and am knackered all day, but then still can't sleep again at night.

Everything I read tells me that I should be feeling great and full of energy by now - 17 weeks - but I feel dreadful. There's lots of references to sleep problems in the first and last trimesters, but everything seems to indicate that I should be sleeping well in the second.

Is this just delayed jetlag, or have others had sleep problems in the second trimester???
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Sep 9th, 2005, 16:48 PM   #2

Between 14 and 20 weeks, I couldn't sleep at all, I was surviving on about 4/5 hours a night, it's only just getting better. I actually slept til 9am the other morning, I couldn't believe it!! My doctor said it was down to the hormones and nothing to worry about, but it's annoying isn't it?!
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Sep 12th, 2005, 11:46 AM   #3
Hi Kim -

Thanks for the reply; it's nice to know it's not just me!!

At the weekend I didn't have to get up and slept until 11 Sat and 11.30 Sun which was brilliant as that meant 6 or 7 hours sleep, but today it's back to my usual 7 am routine and I didn't get to sleep until around 4.30!!

Feeling fairly shattered, but not actually quite as bad as I'd expect ;o)


- Skidoo
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Sarah W Baby Belly
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Sep 12th, 2005, 11:54 AM   #4
It hasn't happened to me. The only night I couldn't sleep was the night I discovered I was pregnant. My mind was racing!

However at my ante-natal class the lady sitting next to me said that she was having trouble sleeping now that she was in the second trimester.

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Sep 12th, 2005, 17:36 PM   #5
I'm ok, the only problem is DH's snoring. Never used to wake me up, but it does now! A swift volley of punches normally sorts him out though

I do find that I wake easier now though, and I often wake in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Maybe I'm in a bad position and she's kicking me like billyo so I move?
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Sep 12th, 2005, 18:48 PM   #6
I found I was not able to sleepat night in my bed until now. I changed my matress on my bed and I had the best nights sleep last night.
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Sep 12th, 2005, 19:18 PM   #7
I don't have any problem going to sleep but once I wake up to go to the loo about 1am thats it......it takes me hours to settle again. I then get into a good deep sleep again around 5-6am and then get up at 7.30 feeling crap!!

Some people say it's mother natures way of getting you used to night feeds etc......well, I don't need the practice, I know what it's like, I have done it twice before......so please mother nature just let me enjoy these last few months of sleep filled nights!!
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