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Friends or are they really..............

Nov 23rd, 2011, 18:59 PM   #1
Ok so I am peeved.

I love all my friends to peices and they know that I would drop everything at the drop of a hat to help them and I have done in the past.

I think I may be a bit oversensitive at the moment but I have been told recently by OH who works with one of my BFF's that she is pissed off that I don;t really make contact with her, like her fb statuses and make any commenst etc, well i'm sorry does it hurt her to pick the phone up for a general chat or to chat to me on FB i'm on there mostly all the time, why does it everytime have to be me that initiates contact.

My other BFF who is pregnant as well about 3 weeks apart well she has just completely forgotten me, I get nothing from her except when she wants something. We agreed ages ago that when the big movie premieres came up like Harry P and twilight and stuff we would take it in turns to pay and this time was her turn and she hasn;t even called me to see if I wanted to go.

The other one is just wrapped up in herself as well she lives in redhill in surrey so would be nice if she did keep in contact just one call a week everytime I have rung her she hasn't answered.

I always try and keep in contact but to be fair I have given up and now I just think if they need me they will call and maybe they are thinking the same thing but at least I tried.

So all I want for xmas is a friend that will want to talk to me as much as I want to talk to them

Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent

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Nov 23rd, 2011, 19:17 PM   #2
Its so hard isnt it to find good freinds who are local. I have a some great freinds who are to far away for popping all the time and local freinds who I dont really know well enough to spill all and have a good session.

Sometimes it does feel like you are doing all the work and a bit uphill , but everyone goes though tough times and maybe they dont always explain about it, dont give up and maybe have a chat and say you are feeling a bit gloomy and sensitive and need a night out or to do something fun with them . see what they say. If they continue to be a bit stand offish then try to focus on the ones that are willing to be involved and contact you and not seem to bitch about you to other people. Might just be crossed wires though.

Good luck hope you have some good chats and feel better
x Daisy

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Nov 24th, 2011, 10:43 AM   #3
i have lost lots of ''friends'' as i dont call them constantly, escuse me but i have a life, a joib etc i leave my house at 7am and return at 7pm cook tea and go bed, i totoally see whereyour coming from a true friend opens the door to you anytime despite how long it has been since you saw them. One of my BF's lives in the netherlands vor gods sake, we speak about once every two months yet we have been friends since the age of 6? its just immature to need constant contact i dont know about u but i like to be alone evry now and again!

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Nov 26th, 2011, 14:29 PM   #4
i have a lot of fairweather friends and no real close friends. im always the one to suggest meeting up purely to hang out or texting ppl to try and get them to do something, then i have to go to them. its depressing to just keep trying to engage ppl in friendship when they make no effort back. a friend said the other day when i went to say hi to him in work that my pregnancy has gone really fast. i put to him that it only seems that way to him cos hes only seen me about 3 times since i got preg. i have tried to arrange stuff but hes cancelled on me or forgot about our plans. he says he will make more of an effort but i know that last night a few of my friends (the only ones ive even actually seen since being preg) all went out together and noone even said anything to me about it. i couldnt have gone since im broke and cant drink but its kinda bugged me that they didnt even say they were going.

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Nov 29th, 2011, 23:18 PM   #5
It really sucks. I've to even chase after my own sisters! AND I'm the one who has to go visit them with a young baby in tow. I'm getting to the point now where I'm backing off cos why should I stress myself getting my LO out and to somewhere when they can't be bothered to make the effort. I feel your pain hun. x

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Dec 5th, 2011, 13:26 PM   #6
*hugs you* I know exactly where you're coming from hon, I seem to be learning the same myself lately. In all honesty, I'd go out, have some fun, meet new people, and show them what they're missing!

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