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Amanda W
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He cheated on me

Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:32 PM   #1
Welcome another single mummy....

Thats right me and Alishas daddy have split for ever there is no chance we could ever get back together not after what happend.

Ian cheated on me with someone i thought was like a sister

im so lost for words iam sorry i cant say too much at the moment too upset

BUT iam back at the parents till my new house is ready x

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Sam's Mum
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Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:34 PM   #2
I'm so sorry they've both treated you so badly I hope he realises just what an idiot he's been and how much he's thrown away. You and Alisha deserve so much better x
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Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:40 PM   #3
so sorry x

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Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:41 PM   #4
Oh hun that's awful!
I hope your ok!

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Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:45 PM   #5
oh hun, thats horrid. hope u r ok. stay strong for ur little girl. you both deserve so much better. much love and hugs xxx
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Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:46 PM   #6
Not much consolation but we are here for you if u need us x

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Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:50 PM   #7
So sorry to read this, an ex of mine cheated on me a few times and I know just how heartbreaking it is xx
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Oct 23rd, 2011, 22:53 PM   #8
so sorry x

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Oct 23rd, 2011, 23:31 PM   #9
I'm so sorry for you hun, but what goes around comes around. He will be worse off x

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Oct 23rd, 2011, 23:45 PM   #10
-BIG SQUEEZES- Not the best advice but - He doesn't deserve you, one day he'll realise what he messed up and you'll be happy and enjoying life with Alisha. You don't need scum like him hunn xxxxxxxxxxx

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Oct 24th, 2011, 06:39 AM   #11
So sorry Hun, you deserve better xx

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Oct 24th, 2011, 07:07 AM   #12
Oh hunni...Im so sorry to hear this.. hope you're ok xxx

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Oct 24th, 2011, 07:35 AM   #13
So sorry hon - big hugs x x

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Oct 24th, 2011, 07:39 AM   #14
So sorry hun, all the ladies are right, he doesnt deserve you and will one day realise what he has messed up and hopefully by then you will have moved on and can stick two fingers up at him!! Life can be cruel but you dont need him. U and your little girl have each other and thats all that matters. As for your friend... well clearly she was jealous of what you 2 had!! Chin up hun and stay strong xxx
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Oct 24th, 2011, 08:27 AM   #15
So so sorry hun. Betrayal hurts. Double betrayal? No words can describe. I had same thing happen to me years ago - my boyfriend and my best friend in the world. But I was the complete fool who took him back thinking that he would realise how much he hurt me and would never do it again. WRONG!!!! But as others have said 'What goes around, comes around'. Ian will realise, now that it's too late what he's lost. You can be strong for you and Alisha and come out the other end stronger and happier. If you ever need to talk we're all here for you

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