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libby Aug 7th, 2008 10:03 AM


Has anyone else had to get support tights/stockings or planning to? Varicose veins seem to run in my family and my sister got a bad one during her pregnancy so I asked the doctor for support stockings to preven me getting them. He prescribed them but the pharmacy told me I'd need to wear a suspender belt with them (???? NO WAY!!) and that I'd be better with maternity support tights, which had to be ordered from the hospital.

They didn't seem too sure how I'd get these, has anyone else had to get these or bought them? I wouldn't mind paying for them as it seems a hell of a lot easier than the NHS!! Thanks, Libby

Hazel Aug 7th, 2008 10:12 AM

Varicose veins and support tights, isn't pregnancy glamorous :lol:

lea m Aug 7th, 2008 10:46 AM

Last time I was given the full length white ones (like surgery ones) but didnt need a suspender belt?!
This time I have the knee length ones and they work great! I have bad veins already from the previous pregnancies! My doc prescribed them but Im sure you can buy them! They are called Duomed! I was given class 2! But if you dont actually have vv yet then I bet class 1 would be fine!
I googled and found this site ... _2123.html

lisaspoon Aug 7th, 2008 12:46 PM

Hi there!

I have had varicose veins from the age of 23 and this is my first pregnancy so i'm anxious about them getting even worse when I start to get heavier etc. I already have the support tights prescribed from the doctor (6 PER tight.. :evil: ) so I have flight socks as well (begged and borrowed from my mum and dad when they were flying away somewhere exotic)!! I should really be wearing them everyday....but I'm lazy and they are sooo hard to get on! I'm planning to go to the docs soon with my lovely exemption certificate to get them for free!!! :D

I would imagine the knee highs would be fine unless you have/start to have veins showing above that level....

So flight socks do the same trick, they still, are quite expensive.... but if you know anyone that has them!!


lea m Aug 7th, 2008 18:58 PM


Originally Posted by lisaspoon

I would imagine the knee highs would be fine unless you have/start to have veins showing above that level....

Yeh I should have said that! My veins are only bad below the knee!

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