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tots hope Nov 12th, 2007 19:56 PM

Can anyone help with what the numbers on my scan mean?

They are 291/292 and on another scan they are 263/292

Also 28Hz


DVA 75%

I have looked at a few of the scans in first tri and no-one seems to have numbers even close to mine and now i am a bit worried.... please help

We decided not to have the test for Downs and now i am worried about it :(

Sherlock Nov 12th, 2007 20:16 PM

I\'d really not worry about it. Those are things that mean something to the doctors. I gave up trying to work some of mine out. Next time I\'ll think to ask when I am there. I do know that 28HZ refers to the frequency they use during the scan. My scan pic said 2.2MHZ which is same thing, only with the million bit in front.

As for the Nuchal scan, I\'d not worry as those results don\'t show up on the scan pics anyways. We had a Nuchal and bloods and he took measurements and stuff appeared on screen just marking the space and so on but then it went to a print out and not on the actual pics.

I\'d not worry. If you didn\'t want a Nuchal they would not have taken any measurements or anything, so don\'t panic.

DebbieM Nov 13th, 2007 10:36 AM

Those numbers only represent the screen resolution and stuff like that. It\'s absolutely nothing to do with your baby. Everyone that has a scan where you had yours is likely to have the same references on their scan pics.

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