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Oana Dec 12th, 2016 17:55 PM

Childcare and kindergarden in UK
Hello, everybody!
I am pregnant and in the future I would like to give the baby to childcare and after that at kindergarten. But I have few questions if anybody could help:

From how many months can I give the baby to nursery day? At 1 year and 5 months it is ok? I would like to come back at work then. And what about the fees? I have searched on google and I have found between 200-300 pounds per week full time. What about the timings, it is from 8 am to 4 pm? If there is someone that can answer me, I will be grateful.

Thank you!

redbear Dec 12th, 2016 18:52 PM

Hey each nursery is different but private nurseries can be 6am until 6pm or there are childminders who work different hours.
My local childminders charge 35 a day, and the nursery is similar.
You can send babies from as early as 6 month a year would be fine x

Maud Dec 12th, 2016 20:39 PM

Our nursery take babies from 3 months. It costs 55 per day (all inclusive) for under 3s and they are open 8-6.30. Most nurseries have basic information on their websites so look up some of your local ones to get an idea.

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