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CockerMum Nov 8th, 2016 18:46 PM

Cycle 1 with Ovusense.
Well it's here. I have a spring in my step and a boost of motivation for this ttc lark. OH was even interested, had a read and said it looked like a sperm (like Lulla's OH - big kids lol)

Found it easy to set up. Apart from the charger bit as it doesn't fit overly well more like a squeeze to get it in.

AF was short and not painful so will be starting temping with the 'sperm' from tonight.

Just a thread for the girls using (or for people interested). Looking forward to seeing charts and how we get on with it and in general :) xx

Salley Nov 8th, 2016 19:31 PM

Wow that was quick! Wish they gave me tracking information. It's good OH is on board! And as silly as they can be, they're right.. it does look like a sperm. lol

CockerMum Nov 8th, 2016 19:36 PM

A few girls have received theirs aswell. Hope yours comes tomz Salley. Has AF shown up?

He made a joke about my ovaries seeing it and sending out lots of eggs to tackle it. He soon stopped laughing with I mentioned being pregnant with multiples lmao! Xx

Lau24 Nov 8th, 2016 21:26 PM

I got mine today also! I'm cd2 so af is still in full swing...can't wait 2 start using it! Just hope I do it right...I've just connected it 2 my much easier when they have the app for android! Xx

CockerMum Nov 8th, 2016 21:29 PM

Thankfully I have an iPhone as I always forget to charge the iPad lol! I am on CD 4 :)

I will be using my Clearblue OPKs aswell this month and if I am defo not doing my nights will be trying to do SMEP.

Good luck Lau. I am sure we will get it right but hopefully I should have the swing of it by then so feel free to ask questions xx

Lau24 Nov 8th, 2016 22:04 PM

The only thing I wanna ask an tell me if I'm being daft but the sperm looking thing...does that run out of batteries? I got cheap opks so I will use them when it says I'm about to ovulate...but I got pcos and apparently opks don't work if you have I've prob been timing everything wrong for the past 2 and a half years! X

Lau24 Nov 8th, 2016 22:04 PM

Good luck to you also hun!! X

CockerMum Nov 9th, 2016 06:44 AM

I don't know what it runs on tbh. You don't turn it on or anything just pop it in and when you take it out on a morning you just connect with phone. Think it needs replacing every year.

First night of using it. I was scared it was going to pop out but soon fell asleep and didn't think about it. Easy to download the data this morning. So far so good xx

Fairy1991 Nov 9th, 2016 06:54 AM

I just saw this. I've only been trying a month I do think it's silly if I go for something like this isn't it I'm just being so impatient lol it says from 6 months of trying onwards

How long have you ladies been trying to convince

Lau24 Nov 9th, 2016 07:05 AM

Oh right ok il just wait and see what happens! Glad u had a successful first night!

It's up to you! If u feel you will benefit from it then get one!...I've been ttc for nearly 2 and a half years. Xx

CockerMum Nov 9th, 2016 07:06 AM

It's been a year for me. The first few months I wasn't actively trying then I used OPKs. I struggled to temp with a thermometer as I forgot when I woke. I couldn't pass up this opportunity as I got it for 30 when I was supposed to be 130. I just want to see if I actually O and it i don't then I have charts to do the doctors so they can do something.

I will also be using my Clearblue digi OPKs. Xx

Fairy1991 Nov 9th, 2016 07:10 AM

Ohhh good luck with that!!
Was it on offer that's a brilliant price haha

CockerMum Nov 9th, 2016 07:33 AM

Yeh I did a thread for people to get one with the discount :) I don't know if it still has it? Thank you xx

Salley Nov 9th, 2016 19:07 PM

I got it I got it! Yay! I'm not taking it out of the packaging until AF arrives though. The box is a lot flatter than I expected it to be..

CockerMum Nov 9th, 2016 19:17 PM

Whoop! I know I was shocked lol!!

I hope you get some answers soon Salley xx

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