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pregnant again

Dec 9th, 2012, 13:47 PM   #1
Hi I have two boys 19 month old and 5 month old (13 weeks prem) and im 7 weeks pregnant again (not planned) I read on the internet im more likely to have another premmie because its within 6 months has anyone else had two so close together and had another premmie? Will I have extra care and will I have steroids just in case? Ive not had a midwife appointment yet x
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Dec 9th, 2012, 13:57 PM   #2
Hi, I don't tick all the boxes, but my son is 19 weeks old and I'm 13 weeks pregnant...:-@ definitely not planned but it took me a while to get used to the idea, but I'm going to be fine, I know!! I also have a 7 year old! I'm afraid I don't know whether the odds of you having another premie are higher because of your previous birth, but my midwife told me that no pregnancy is the same xx
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Dec 9th, 2012, 14:04 PM   #3
Im still getting used to the idea I cant bring myself to tell anyone yet they will all flip out xx
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Dec 9th, 2012, 14:46 PM   #4
Hi, Congratulations on you pregnancy!

I've never heard that your more likely to have a premmie because your pregnant before 6 months, but i was told i was high risk of having another as i already had a premmie but my gap was 3 1/2 years.
i was under the consultant with my second pregnancy but i was being treated like a normally pregnancy, i did in the end up having steroid injections but was due to baby having growth problems and maybe needing to induce me early, as it was everything sorted itself out and i ended up going into labour naturally on my due date.

Try not to worry about having another premmie, most likely you will be under a consultant and when you have a appointment with him/her explain your worry's and they will be able to give you some answers!

Good luck with the announcement to your family!

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Dec 9th, 2012, 14:48 PM   #5
^^WSS and congrats on your pregnancy though I understand it might have been a bit of a shock.

Using Tapatalk can't see no tickers grrrrr.

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Dec 9th, 2012, 14:58 PM   #6

I had two premie babies my little girl is now 3 was born at 35wks and my boy is 16months he was born 35wks aswell i had to have steriod injections in my legs as he did try coming at 29 weeks so glad he came when he did, im also 2months pregnant, been told this baby will come around the same time as the other two.

fingers crossed for u
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Dec 9th, 2012, 23:12 PM   #7
I've had two prem babies. My first, who is now 7 was 36 weeks (not too early) and my second who is 6 weeks old was 34 weeks. My mw put me as high risk and I went under a consultant because of my first pre term. She said there was a higher than the average person risk of going pre term again and I did and even earlier. So if I was to have baby number 3 chances are that baby would be early too xx
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Dec 11th, 2012, 13:52 PM   #8
I've not had the experience myself but I have heard that too! Fingers crossed for you. Congratulations! Xx

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Mar 3rd, 2013, 12:22 PM   #9
I had my first son when I was 18 he was born at 33weeks. when i fell pregnant with my second baby I was 25 and he was born at 32 weeks. My consultant said with my third an final baby (when we conceive) this will also be a high risk pregnacy with a vet high risk of another prem baby. all the ladies in special care that had previous pregnancies had also had prem babies previously x
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