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who's the father

Mar 13th, 2018, 16:50 PM   #1
some history -

on average 32 day cycles with a 14 day LH phase (as far as I can make out)

OCT 2017 PERIOD - 08TH - 12TH
NOV 2017 PERIOD -17TH - 21ST
DEC 2017 PERIOD - 18TH - 22ND
JAN 2018 PERIOD - on the 19th of jan I slept with partner this seemed to induce my period and I woke to bleeding on the 20TH, deep red blood just thinner then my usual period, on the 21ST I continued to bleed but it had subsided in the evening so we had sex again, this caused a light bleed during NO BLEED ON 22ND & 23RD BLEED IN MORN OF 24TH nothing after midday

27th, 28th, 29th JAN had sex with partner -- unfortunately in the following days we had a break down in our relationship and we called it a day

on the 5th, 9th & 10th of FEB I slept with someone else.

on the 21st FEB I tested positive and on the 23rd I was seen at a woman diagnostic unit where a scan was taken ( this was internal) the scan showed a GESTATION SAC only and my HCG was taken this was 519 - progesterone 65, two days later (25th feb) I was back for more bloods to be taken on this day HCG was 1,100, progesterone 56.

two days after this, so the 27th FEB I had another internal scan, this showed the GESTATION SAC (6.1MM) as well as the YOLK SAC (1MM)

My question is who is likely to be the father?

I have read somewhere that the visibility of the yolk sac can been seen 22 - 32 days after conception which would mean its my partners only I am unsure and really need to try and work this one out.

irrespective of outcome I will keep the baby but I can't carry on while not knowing its draining me !
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Mar 13th, 2018, 17:06 PM   #2
I would imagine by your period dates that is the someone else tbh hun

You’ve caught at a very similar time to me, with my period being 24th ish – making ovulation around the 8th feb ish

You could have ovulated early but given that you slept with your partner during and towards the end of your period id be surprised if it was that early

If you got your positive on the 21st I would guess you actually conceived about 2 weeks prior ( around the time you slept with someone else )

Hope everything goes ok with it all! Id put you at about 5 ish weeks so your next scan should show the fetal pole/ heartbeat ( I was 6 weeks on 09.03.2018 and saw mine )

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Mar 13th, 2018, 19:25 PM   #3
To me it seems like it is most likely the other man... Hope everything turns out ok for you hun.


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Mar 22nd, 2018, 13:46 PM   #4
I also think that it is more likely the stranger... Good luck to you!
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Mar 22nd, 2018, 15:51 PM   #5
I also think by your dates it is likely to be this other man. Hope everything goes well. x

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