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Anterior high placenta

Apr 21st, 2017, 10:46 AM   #1
I've noticed quite a few ladies on here have an anterior placenta. I felt first movements at 18 weeks, and they became more frequent and stronger by 20 weeks. However, they were incredibly "muffled" and delicate, and definitely couldn't be felt from the outside. They're also very sporadic and I can go a whole day without feeling anything

I had my 20 week scan on Wednesday and they told me I had an anterior high placenta, and that's why I'm not feeling much of the movement. I know the kiddo is still quite small though.

I was wondering a few things about it -

Will the movement get stronger and will I feel it more, despite this?
And will my bf be able to feel it from the outside still?

He's feeling a little left out!
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Apr 21st, 2017, 10:59 AM   #2

i have this also! my OH felt him move around 20 week mark but only when i was laid down. he can feel him more now but he doesnt like it anymore as they are stronger.

i have days when i feel him none stop and other days when i just feel slight movements but i can still gently feel him, i think it just depends where he is laid at the time. i feel him alot when im laid down on an evening and i can see him moving my tummy now when i watch but i dont always feel his movement to make my stomach move.

its very hard to gauge a "pattern" but if anything doesnt feel right trust your gut.

i have a very small bump considering and his movements really hurt when i do feel him, this morning he has had a wiggle and then now i can feel a bladder punch but nothing else. all depends on his position xx

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Apr 21st, 2017, 14:45 PM   #3
Anterior placenta here too! My LO's movements are still very muffled - OH can feel him when he kicks but he has to be quick as he'll only kick once or twice then move again lol I've only had a couple of very big kicks which have actually made me jump! And only now starting to feel him really move around, it's a very strange twisting feeling, freaks me out a little bit!!

I also have 'quiet days' and still very sporadic! But I have stopped worrying so much, I always feel something on a daily basis even if its just a small little movement, I don't expect to feel him at regular times because it will depend on his position to whether id feel anything, he doesn't seem to have a 'routine' as far as i can tell!

Had my 28 week appointment today and his growing perfectly


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Apr 21st, 2017, 20:57 PM   #4
Me too!

28 weeks now and she's very active so I feel her regularly. Movements can be felt on the outside but I have definitely noticed a difference from my first pregnancy as they are not as strong.
To me it's not affected how I have felt movements but makes it a little trickier for someone to feel them from the outside.

I would have quiet days up till about 24 weeks and it's gradually increased since then.
Hope this helps x

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Apr 21st, 2017, 21:48 PM   #5
Me too I only really felt movement from 22 weeks onwards, and never from the outside yet. My OH is feeling left out too!

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