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Trying again after a delayed/missed miscarriage

Mar 20th, 2017, 22:48 PM   #1
Hi ladies,

I had a 2nd ultrasound today to confirm that miscarriage was progressing.

The sonographer confirmed that the sac has gone and most of the lining. She said I might experience some more tissue loss ( haven't bled for 24 hrs now just a bit of spotting) but as far as they were concerned it was fine and over with.

She told us to use a condom until I had had my period to make sure all the lining had shed but otherwise we are good to start trying again.

So my questions is..

Do we really have to wait for me to have a period? Im not bleeding anymore ....

I am 35 years old and it took us 8 months to conceive and the thought it if taking another 8months is heart breaking... we just want to get going straight away

Be v interested to hear your thoughts / experiences

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Mar 21st, 2017, 17:16 PM   #2
I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

As far as I'm aware if you have stopped bleeding the risk of infection is low and therefore you can try again right away, but I wouldn't go against medical advice if it has been given specifically to you, as we don't know your individual situation. The main reason they seem to give for waiting a cycle is to date a pregnancy easier.

With my second mc I was still bleeding when we had our next fertility consultants appointment, he said as soon as I finished bleeding we should try again, and I was also given clomid, so they clearly weren't concerned in my case.

I know what you mean with the age and time issues. It took us 18 months for our first pregnancy, which I lost. Then another 15 months for the next, which I also lost. Even after that when we had fertility treatment it took another 10 months for our next pregnancy. I'm 35 and my oh is 40 and he actually cried when he realised it would be impossible for him to be a dad before he turned 40. I felt so bad.

As a side note have you had any investigations or treatment? You are entitled to tests after 6 months if you are over 35.

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Yesterday, 15:13 PM   #3
Hi Jezby,

I miscarried 2 months ago and know how you must feel as I wanted to start trying as soon as humanly possible. I had stopped bleeding but I was informed there was still remaining tissue which would be flushed out on my next period. I explained how desperate I was to start trying again but the midwife said it is not a good home for a new pregnancy to start.

I'm not sure how true it all is but I hope we can trust in them.

Good luck x
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delayed/missed, miscarriage

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