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Just wanted to share

Nov 19th, 2008, 23:15 PM   #1
i just wanted to share something with all you mums.enjoy every single day with your little ones.every day is precious and they are the most important thing in the world.im sure you all know that all too soon they will go from being babies to children and not need you quite so much

i am feeling a bit nostalgic today.i found some pictures of kiara over the years and i couldnt help cry a bit as i realised my baby isnt a baby anymore.i cant believe how much shes changed but she will always be my baby and i still love her soooooooo much and its a special love.i cant believe shes 7already and i can never get back time.i feel priveledged to share my life with her andeven though she frustrates me sometimes I would never not want to be with her.ive made a point of telling her everyday of her life i love her and give her lots of hugs each day,i do thesame with caden and hopefully the love passed on to my children will see them through any of lifes ups and downs.

go your babies

someone i know sent me this:-

How do you love them and still let them grow?
Still keep them safe but still let them go.
How do you teach them to stand on their own?
When to help out or just leave them alone.

You hold them close from the time they are born,
You've bought them everthing they've ever worn.
Suddenly that's not what they want from you.
They want to stand up and do what they want to.

You've taught them to walk, to talk and to think.
But they grow up before you can blink.
You held their hand while they crossed the street,
Now they think they are ready for challenges to meet.

But when are you ready to let them go free
It never seems time to just let them be.
There's never a time to just let them go.
There's always so much they don't seem to know.

But you've given them roots to make a stand.
And always be there with a ready helping hand.
And you've given them wings to help them to fly
And no matter how far they go, it's never goodbye.
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Nov 19th, 2008, 23:21 PM   #2
What a lovely poem and what a lovely mummy you are .
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Nov 19th, 2008, 23:22 PM   #3
Aww thats lovely
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Nov 19th, 2008, 23:56 PM   #4
Aww thats lovely
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share, wanted

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