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Are house mice scared of humans?

Jul 2nd, 2008, 13:35 PM   #1

Just saw a mouse run from my utility room and across the hallway! aaaarrrggghhhh

Scared me to death, I hate mice!!

Anyhow, re hoovered and moved any accessible food but what i wanted to know is:

1. Can mice climb?
2. Are mice scared of humans?
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Jul 2nd, 2008, 18:42 PM   #2
Mice can climb and jump in my experience!

They're usually scared of humans in that you'd be unlikely to get close enough to pick up a wild one,but they're cheeky and wilful enough to run through rooms...or climb onto the open oven to try to pinch some Christmas turkey, as we found out at my Mum's the other year...
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Jul 3rd, 2008, 08:28 AM   #3
mice are amazing climbers and jumpers and we had some in the farm kitchen the other day that sat as bold as brass on the floor looking round for dinner didnt care we were watching them and never ran away either, we just left them for the time beign but will get a humain trap and take them out to the fields.
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