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Birthing Plan?

Nov 21st, 2017, 17:17 PM   #1
Hey guys! I find it so interesting that people have such different goals and dreams when it comes to labour, birth and the time after. I've always wondered how often births actually go according to plan.

If you have the time it would be really cool if some of you could answer some questions for me:
*What is/was your birthing plan like?
*What is/was the most important part of your plan?
*Did your birth go to plan/do you expect your birth to go to plan?

To those who have already given birth:
*Do you have any regrets about your birthing plan?

Thanks a lot guys!

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Nov 21st, 2017, 17:21 PM   #2
Didn't bother with one either time and I'm glad I didn't. My plan would have been a water birth for both but wasn't possible with either. First as there was meconium in my waters and for my second because it was too fast. Barely made it to the hospital let alone to get in the pool!

My advice would be to look at it as birth preferences and be prepared that it might not go how you want it to.


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Nov 21st, 2017, 19:38 PM   #3
I’m 38+4 and haven’t started mine... a lot more relaxed with number 2 it seems!

I agree with Emily though. Put your ideals down (eg like pain relief, birthing positions, Dad cutting cord) but be completely open to just going with the flow as more often than not these things can’t be planned out. Esp with pain relief. You might be dead against an epidural but never say never!

Based on my last experience I’m just putting basics down. That’ll include baby having vit k injection, birthing on all fours, Dad cutting cord and trying to stay active where possible.

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Nov 22nd, 2017, 14:14 PM   #4
Mine wasn't a very strict plan,it just said i was happy for pain relief but would prefer no epidural,dad was to cut the chord and tell me the sex and it noted i have a bit of a fear of blood so if the midwives could not mention blood unless necessary and clear it up before i see it that would of been great. I have to say i was really lucky with labour,it all went to plan, was pretty straight forward and all my little things were followed. I was totally open for it not going my way though I know you have no real control over it and anything can happen. Its best to have an open mind but things do occasionally go to plan anf i guess i was lucky! I really hope my labour is the same this time but im betting it will be totally different haha x

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Nov 22nd, 2017, 16:34 PM   #5
I didn't have one and hadn't got to the appointment where they discuss it before he arrived. To be fair I was clueless so had no idea what I wanted anyway. Interestingly my husband had mentioned he didn't want to cut the cord, but when it came to it and they offered he did. Not sure if I would make one or not if we are lucky enough to have another, we will see.

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Nov 22nd, 2017, 18:12 PM   #6
I had no plan the first time and I won't have one this time really. I hope for a natural labour with just had and air, if a pool is available I may give it a try. I would prefer no induction but if if have to i would obviously.
My first labour I wanted to cut the cord but that never happened as her cord was to short which ended up making the delivery process longer. My bed was ran from midwifery unit to delivery suite and that red button pressed as I had pushed for hours with no avail.
I shall just go with the flow x

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Nov 23rd, 2017, 19:43 PM   #7
I had a birth plan for all mine. I followed the suggestions in my maternity notes to make the plan. (Page 16 if you have the nhs notes) It was nice to have my preferences down on paper but I was okay with being flexible too.
One thing I wanted down was I only wanted my hubby present. MIL worked at the hospital we were at. I didn't want a surprise visit while I was labouring. Hehe.
The only thing I regretted was not understanding the side effects to the medications at all. I didn't think to look it up at all and I regretted taking one during my first labour.

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Nov 23rd, 2017, 22:45 PM   #8
I do have a plan that has been formulated with my consultant and midwives. No pethidine or diamorphine will be allowed. Active labour with dance/music as initial pain relief moving onto paracetamol/codeine/gas and air. Continuous monitoring but via scalp clip and telemetry. Partner and mother as birthing partners. Currently appears as though I am unable to have an epidural due to a spinal injury so if c-sec is required then it shall be under general. But hopefully natural with delayed cord clamping, partner cutting cord, skin to skin and breastfeeding within an hour. So realistically 2 very different potentials but one of them will be the outcome. There is the dream and the back up. But due to medication limitations will be forced one or the other. xx

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Nov 26th, 2017, 09:04 AM   #9
I didn't write anything down last time and won't this time either.

if I had last time it would have all gone to pot anyway and basically as long as my baby arrives safely I'm okay with most things

everything that happened was explained to me and I was asked questions so I still felt like I was I'm control, even though by the end I totally wasn't
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Nov 28th, 2017, 19:51 PM   #10
I was told to get the epidural before I had my waters broke (if I had to have my waters broke) which I needed. I was told to have it before because I find it difficult to have anything in my vagina (expect a penis obviously ahahhaa). When I went down to delivery they said no I can't have it until a while after theyve been broke... Lucky when she put her fingers in they broke without anything else. But I was told different things by different midwives which I wasn't happy about.
This time I want to try and wait because I hated not being able to move my legs! And I'll be making sure I'm told the right things this time.

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Nov 28th, 2017, 22:32 PM   #11
I always say have a list of what you don't want at the very least, but a list of preferences would be good.

My first I didn't have a strict plan. Went in with an open mind because I didn't actually know what I'd want at that time. It was all new to me being a new mum. I only had definitely no epidural (unless medically necessary for EMCS). I went 14 days over, 2 failed sweeps and needed induced. I was given dihydrocodiene which at the time was amazing I conked out but in retrospect I hated it for actual birthing. I was so out of it by the time I had the G&A and he came so fast it was a shock. Obviously I thought that was quite decent given he got here quickly no compilations.

Second labour my plan I only had one thing on the must which was DCC (delayed cord clamping). The definite no category had no dihydrocodiene and no epidural. Preference was to be in the pool. I was low risk so pool was mainly availability and our maternity centre has 2 (I think) but it's busy. We got to use the pool thankfully and I lasted on 2 paracetamol until 3hr before he was born then had G&A.

Second labour was obviously different circumstances and having had both labours I'd now consider both scenarios next time and just have the same. Obv with an induction pool is out the window usually but with regards to pain relief you might want to hear others experiences of them before having them on a must or a definite no.

Good luck xxx

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Jan 23rd, 2018, 15:19 PM   #12
I had no plan. Baby came early so didn't have time to do one, but I'm actually glad that I didn't. There's some things you just can't plan for, so I say go with the flow! Best of luck
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Jan 26th, 2018, 13:13 PM   #13
I have had no plans for any of my births (two so far). First birth was planned in conduction with OH, so he was the one that was making sure it was stuck too during the birth, okay he was helping me stick to the birth plan not the Midwives haha!

Second one, the only plan was for them to be born at home, which they were and was very go with the flow.

If you don't have any strong preferences, I'd definitely say go with the flow but note down and things like skin to skin or wanting a natural third stage etc. and make this be know to every midwife\obs you see so it's duly noted.
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