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Hypno birth

Sep 11th, 2016, 18:01 PM   #1

I'm interested in people's experiences with hypno birthing,
Did you attend a class / classes
Buy your own cds - if so which what sort of things was on it?

I don't think I want to fork out for a class if I'm honest, I don't know if I'd be able to actually focus on the day and do it correctly.
I'm hoping for a home birth, and from previous experience I'm VERY vocal, shouting etc during final painful stages, so obviously I want to try and not be like this for the kids sakes in the other room.

Am I right in thinking the music is something to help you focus on during contraction?

All input much appreciated.


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Sep 17th, 2016, 16:44 PM   #2
I'm really interested in this too. There's a website, the Yesmum.com I think it is, and there's he option to pay for a hypnobirth MP3 download.


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Sep 23rd, 2016, 22:47 PM   #3
Personally it didnt help me. I got the cd maggie something, i should put it on ebay actually.
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Sep 26th, 2016, 20:00 PM   #4
Im doing the hypno birthing classes at the moment and they say the key is practicing being in a relaxed state and positive language! In theory i think it is worth doing but havent actually gone through labour yet so cant have an informed opinion, but i would definitley recommend reading the literature they suggest!
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Dec 6th, 2016, 15:24 PM   #5
I have a friend that just hypnobirthed to fully dilated at home. I am in awe. She went on to give birth in hospital due to failure to progress through the pushing stage but I'm still very impressed.

I know for sure I wouldn't be able to keep in the zone until fully dilated for hypnobirthing to work for me.

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Dec 7th, 2016, 10:16 AM   #6
You shouldn't have to pay. There is loads on youtube etc. I'm in the same position. I did pregnancy yoga first time round and it was amazing but I can't afford it now. We used to end each session by sitting cross-legged (on a block or cushion) with our eyes shut and breathing deeply. On every inhale we'd imagine we were feeding our baby with oxygen and every exhale we'd let go of fear and worry. It sounds a bit hippy, but it was very relaxing and it really helped when it came to labour. I've also created 2 different playlists, one relaxing and one 'empowering' (not quite the rocky theme but you get the idea - haha!) so that I have different music for different moods. I've been listening to the music on my daily walks, when I feel really calm and I'm hoping it will help me feel calm in teh labour too! Anything is worth a try.

Good luck everyone!

Sally xx
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Jan 1st, 2017, 20:34 PM   #7
I have just completed the course and I am due next sunday so I will let you know!

its all about practice I have found going to sleep to the scripts is making it easier to get into a relaxed state and its really helping me with my BH which are increasing in intensity now. I also found that it allowed my OH to feel like he has more idea of what to do and he has learnt some techniques to help calm me down and ground me if I panic which i'm hoping will come in handy it seems to be loosing focus that causes women problems with coping

they also teach you a lot about aromatherapy to help and they try and train your brain to not fear the experience through positive words and affirmations :

Contractions are surges for example..

they work on the theory that fear causes your body to react negatively and cause it to fight the natural process of birth, if your scared I guess your more likely to tense up against the pain

i'm not hippy but actually i'm really pleased I completed the course - I will of course report back
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Jan 15th, 2017, 20:44 PM   #8
Worked wonders for me, can't recommend it enough. Will be doing it with my next.
I used to listen to my CD most nights and in the end I was that relaxed o would fall asleep before the end.
I was so relaxed n calm whilst on labour and didn't actually need to play the cd
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Feb 16th, 2017, 23:01 PM   #9
How have I only just discovered hypnobirthing!? I'm so intrigued! I would like to give it a go. I'm currently 6w1d and due in October....when would you recommend I begin?

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Feb 28th, 2017, 20:59 PM   #10
I can't recommend hypno/home birth enough. My first was a hospital birth - 27 hour labour and 15 stitches. 7lb 6oz baby.

The second was a hypno/home birth and 4 hour labour from start to finish and a 10lb baby born with no pain relief (except the birthing pool I bought).

Preparation is key - getting yourself into the right frame of mind and practicing. I bought the CD and listened to it as often as I could. Fell asleep to it most nights.

I was so impressed I went on to become a certified Doula after my experience!


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Mar 5th, 2017, 19:18 PM   #11
Normally it's 34 weeks or around that.
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Mar 9th, 2017, 04:34 AM   #12
If we have another baby I will be doing this. I've had all 3 of mine 100% intervention- and drug-free, and granted I did it, but each time I lost my mind at some point and panicked. I want to see if I can avoid that next time!

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Jul 17th, 2017, 10:23 AM   #13
Would you have any specific cd / book recommendations? TIA x
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