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Weight gain

Oct 24th, 2017, 16:45 PM   #1
Scarlett was weighed today. She's only gained 1lb in 4 weeks. So she has to go again in 2 weeks. How much did yours gain in the 6w to 10w gap?
She's 12lbs was expecting her to be 14 :/ x

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Oct 24th, 2017, 20:36 PM   #2
I found the whole weighing in thing too much if I’m honest, so I just didn’t go. I could tell he was putting on weight because he grew out of his clothes. Generally speaking, you can tell if a baby is happy and healthy by looking at them. My advice is to take it all with a massive pinch of salt. Your baby is putting on weight, right? So it’s all good. Not trying to minimise your feelings AT ALL and really hope I haven’t come across that way. But they’re all different and they all develop at different rates. Babies aren’t machines, they don’t always follow the graph. Mine didn’t. But he’s absolutely perfect and I don’t need scales to tell me that. Luckily my hv agreed with me and I never felt pressured to do all the weigh-ins that other people seem to do. One of my mum friends left a clinic in tears after being told her baby had “only” put on 1oz per week for so many weeks. Fuck that!

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Oct 26th, 2018, 20:30 PM   #3
we had half a pound
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