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Babies first jabs

Sep 26th, 2017, 16:57 PM   #1
We have scarletts first lot of jabs next month and the HV told me to buy baby paracetamol? Do I give her this before or after the jabs... she said she's gonna be unsettled for a while afterwards so was unsure of was for pain of jabs or that.
Do they get poorly after? How are they afterwards? Is it just one needle or multiple? Not looking forward to it x

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Sep 26th, 2017, 17:06 PM   #2
Give a dose of calpol an hour before her jabs, then another 4-6 hrs later and then another 4-6 hrs later.

Its 3 jabs - 2 in one leg and 1 in the other plus an oral vaccine.

The oral vaccine is rotavirus and can give them yucky nappies and they also have a meningitis jab which is what can give them a temperature hence the calpol. Oh and they can have sore legs from the jabs! All in all it's pretty rubbish!


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Sep 26th, 2017, 17:44 PM   #3
I was told to give calpol straight after the jabs as they like to check temparature before they give them and giving it before can mask a problem. I did give it before we had the third lot though as I wasn't going straight home.

We had no issues with the first or second lots, just a little sleepy afterwards. The third ones were awful, he was grumpy and felt unwell for 24 hours afterwards and cried a lot. I'm sure it was better than getting one of the diseases though.

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babies, jabs

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