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Is 11 year too young to get invisalign braces?

Mar 2nd, 2016, 04:39 AM   #1
Is 11 year too young to get invisalign braces? My DD is 11 years old and she has gap between her teeth. Also her upper teeth are protruding. Iím planning to take her to Dr. Phelan, a dentist in our locality (Oakville) for getting invisalign braces. One of my friends said as my DD is 11 it will be better if she wore metal braces. But my DD doesnít want metal braces as she is worried of others noticing it and teasing her. What should I prefer- metal braces or invisalign braces? Which will give good and better result?
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Feb 5th, 2018, 13:24 PM   #2
I dont think they will give her invaslign at such a young age. Also they dont usually fit any type of brace until all the childs adult teeth are almost all through. They have got mental braces that are less noticable. They also dont offer braces routinely like they used to. Only in severe cases where the child has a problem eating or jaw is very misaligned. It costs a good few grand for private treatment now. Good luck
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Feb 5th, 2018, 22:15 PM   #3
Kids really don't tease each other about braces anymore as pretty much everyone has them in high school!! 11 is too young, the teeth move and change as she grows. So if she gets braces and has lovely straight teeth by the time she's 13, they may move out of alignment and be crooked again by the time she's 16. I had proper buck teeth with a massive gap in them and had to wait until I was 16 to get braces!! My orthodontist said he doesn't give them to anyone under 14, and the ideal age to start is 16-18, when your jaw is pretty much done growing but the teeth are still malleable.
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