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Anti Depressants or Sleeping Tablets?

Jul 10th, 2018, 13:34 PM   #1
Hi guys i have been to the doctors today to have my meds review as my doctor took me off them but the midwife said i should be on some. So to cut a long story short, i have been put back on my Mirtazpine tablets but the doctor has given me a list of reasons etc on why it could or couldnt affect my pregnancy.
Im currently going out of my mind with worry and waiting for the midwife to call me.

Any advice ladies?
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Jul 11th, 2018, 16:21 PM   #2
Sorry hun, I don't have experience with either kind of tablet, but didn't want to read and run

The Dr will be obliged to tell you about risks, but any medication - whether pregnant or not, is always about comparing the benefits of taking them vs the risks. Obviously you need to be more cautious when pregnant, but there are instances where the benefits to your health (and so baby health) are higher than the risks. Its a case by case, medicine by medicine thing, so best is to discuss it with your Drs and midwives. Maybe ask for another gp appointment and get him to talk it through again

Good luck and H&H pregnancy
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Aug 10th, 2018, 10:04 AM   #3
I'm not sure about those tablets and antidepressants. You will need to consult your doctor first since it could be delicate to your pregnancy.
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