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Aug 30th, 2017, 18:32 PM   #1
Hi ladies,

so a little about me, am pregnant with baby number 2 after a 12 year gap and am very anxious this time around.
I had a traumatic birth with my son back in 2005, I developed pre-eclampsia and had to be induced at 37 weeks, had poor progress and led to emergency c-sec.

After falling pregnant with this wee one, am currently 12 weeks, the anxiety is settling in that i could potentially go through all this again.
I've been to the doctors to see if i can help this anxiety and there's little they can do. I feel like I've been left to suffer.

I could really use someone who has gone through the same experience to talk to.

thank you x
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Aug 30th, 2017, 20:09 PM   #2
Hi, I'm very similar!
Had my little girl 6 years ago, developed pre eclampsia very suddenly, got rushed straight to hospital (I had no symptoms as such, was just picked up at a routine appt). Got induced, was traumatic and before I was given a general,for a c section (no platelets for epidural), she came!

I'm now pregnant again, and I have been on aspirin since 12 weeks. My bp has stayed low, but it was around this time last time it started. I'm feeling more positive, I suppose I will let you know in a few weeks!

You should see a consultant at your 20 week scan, who you can talk too about your worries - apparently just taking the aspirin works wonders for preventing it...

Good,luck xx

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Aug 30th, 2017, 20:35 PM   #3
bless you, its traumatising isn't it. I'm glad all is well so far
I've been advised to begin aspirin now, but noticed that you shouldn't take aspirin if you're asthmatic, which i am.
I have an asthma review tomorrow so will check then.
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Aug 31st, 2017, 16:28 PM   #4
I can sympathise. I had pre-e with my first and was induced. I became unwell in labour and had an emergency section. It took me over 3 years to reach the point where I wanted to try again. At the moment, I've been taking aspirin for 13 weeks and my BP and urine checks have been fine. I had a little freak out when I had dots in my eyes the other week and swelling on hands and feet. I didn't start any of that till 30 weeks last time. I think the dots were probably due to lack of food and swelling due to weather and walking a bit, but it is in the back of my h as that it could be an initial sign of pre-e. Just hoping it stays away this time. I'm having an elective section at 39+2 this time.

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Sep 4th, 2017, 20:23 PM   #5
I also had pre-eclampsia was undiagnosed, i was taken in to be induced at 38 weeks due to my son measuring small. Had a sweep and left to settle in then everything went wrong rushed to theatre and out under GA, took 2 hours for them to stabilise my heart rate and 4 days before I was well enough to leave high dependency.

I was told I would be closely monitored in any future pregnancies and would be on aspirin. Got the midwife tomorrow so I'll see what she says. Totally understand your anxiety though x
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Sep 6th, 2017, 14:35 PM   #6
Hi all, sorry I've been quiet. Gone back to work and it's been manic !
I've started the aspirin, and it hasn't touched my asthma so all is good on that front.
How do you manage your anxiety over potentially getting this again ? I just can't stop worrying about it. I'll be fine for a few days and will rationalise my thoughts but today it's awful.
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