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Feel silly and need advise on contraception

Nov 1st, 2017, 00:45 AM   #1

I started loestrin 20 in mid July - no issues, few breakthrough bleeds to start but never had a bleed in my 7 day break at all which I believe can happen with this brand.

Fast forward to October 4th and my partner was flying in to visit. I had started a new pill pack on the Saturday prior and forgot to take day 8, I took the next day and carried on as normal I then forgot day 10 and 11 and have since stopped taking all together.

My partner flew home again on 12th October.

I know they say not to stop mid cycle but in august/September if I forgot one day I'd have a breakthrough bleed. This didn't happen with the missed pills in October and since not taking any more I've had no bleed at all.

I've took a HPT which was negative - obviously I woudlnt know when I was ovulatimg due to the pill but given the dates is it too soon perhaps to have tested yet or could my body be playing havoc with me? I've never experienced no bleeds at all when stopping a pill before so confused.

Can anyone give some advice? Thanks
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