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Periods on the Mirena Coil?

Feb 23rd, 2017, 10:57 AM   #1
So, I have been just looking around the internet (I was bored!) and I've seen that in most cases, women who have the Mirena coil fitted stop having periods either full stop or they have lighter ones.

I have had my coil in for 3 years now so I don't expect this to have any bearing on how it's working (not pregnant so it must be!), but ever since I had mine put in, I have just had regular old periods with absolutely no change whatsoever!

The reason I had a Mirena in the first place was that after I had my DD back in 2010, I had loads and loads of problems, including a hormonal issue that meant that I bled every day for a good couple of years. They tried me on every contraceptive tablet, injection and even the copper coil and nothing worked, I even had a d&c! They put the Mirena in and my periods went back to normal.....

Does anyone else have experience of regular periods with a Mirena in? As I said above, it obviously hasn't effected it's working as I have been with my current partner for 18 months and I've not had any scares (coil wasn't tested with ex - long dry spell!!) so I'm not worried there but I haven't seen anyone report normal periods at all...... Wondered if it was just me!

It'll hopefully be a moot point soon anyway as am due my smear test in March and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that OH will say that I can ask them to remove the coil so we can TTC!
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Feb 23rd, 2017, 18:17 PM   #2
I had pink discharge when I was supposed to get a period when I had the coil.. I did use to have quite "heavy periods" before contraceptives so up to about 9 days the pill made it slightly lighter and shorter and the coil turned it into pink discharge and I never bled so much like before again not after birth or anything. I think it's not strong enough for you to entirely stop your periods... like the mini pill doesn't for everyone, it didn't for me.. but that that's my experience with the coil last time is no guarantee it would stop my periods a next time does that make sense?

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