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Mar 7th, 2016, 21:59 PM   #1
OMG!! Suffering so bad. It's so painful to sit. Started using Anusol. But I think I may need a trip to the doctors. I think it's going to take more than ointments and suppositories:/ I had my daughter 4 days a go. anyone else experienced these? Xx

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Mar 7th, 2016, 23:22 PM   #2
Nothing wrong with having yourself checked over by docs after birth hun, I get them bad but I tore down there at my butt that is so I don't know as I'm funny down there so during check up I cramped up and they couldn't check it proper but I do have a terrible diet that makes them flare up at the best of times so I do feel your pain!

When you go docs, you can ask them for lactulose and this stuff called fibre gel or fibogel. It's a orange flavoured fibre mix, you mix up with water and along with the lactulose it kind of takes the pressure off whilst making it soft. So you don't really have to push when you go toilet, I was giving it due to my tearing and I wasn't allowed to strain while it healed up.

I always use the gel over the cream as I find it more cooling than the cream, I find it works quite quick and goes down within a day maybe two. Hope it clears up soon x
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