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Need to loose more weight!!

Jan 6th, 2016, 11:08 AM   #1
Hi guys over the last year ive been dieting, through slimming world, and ive lost 4 stone 1lb. Over the last few months ive really stuggled though, but me and DH are talking about ttc, so i need to pull my finger out and crack on!

I really want to get down so i dont need to be consultant led, and not have doctors looking at me like a pile of poop!!

Anyone want to join me at a new push? Maye we can motivate each other. And talk ideas and recipies?


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Jan 15th, 2016, 21:36 PM   #2
I started slimming world last year, lost 23lb and piled a load back one

Back on the bandwagon this year though! My downfalls are going out in the evening and buying chocolate. I make a lot of the slimming world recipes, but tend to add wine or other naughties!

Good luck with your weight loss journey and ttc xx
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Feb 23rd, 2016, 09:34 AM   #3
Try honey with water.
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Kay Kay
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Mar 17th, 2016, 15:37 PM   #4
I'm in weight watchers at the moment, got about a stone to go. The only thing that helps me is tracking everything on the ww app. I'm a bit obsessed with it if I'm honest! I try to plan my meals in advance as best as I can (not always possible with a wee one demanding your time). But I find if I track what I'm having before I've had it (lunch usually) then I'm likely to go off plan. I'm sure SW will have a similar tracker.

I'm not losing weight to ttc though, my goal is my holiday to Tenerife in June but also just feeling better in myself as I'm always happier when I'm a bit slimmer.

My problem is exercise, apart from yoga I never do any! Going to try to walk for 30 minutes 3 times a week now that the weather is getting better.

Sorry I've rambled on. Good luck with your weight loss and ttc when it comes xxx

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Mar 29th, 2016, 20:18 PM   #5
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I do eat healthy and excercise im not motivated not stupid ����. Lost 3lb this week seem to be heading back in the right direction now. Just hit a.slump for a while xx

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Apr 26th, 2016, 14:55 PM   #6
Hello, I have tried boiled water added to leak or french bean , and had it 3 times a day, it worked for me so i think you may try if you want.
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