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Been giving Ellie nightmares

Nov 4th, 2008, 21:01 PM   #1
Ellie hasn't been sleeping through for a while and I hadn't been able to figure out why. A few nights ago, she started cying out "no, no, no" so I went in, and she was thrashing her arms and legs crying out no but still asleep. I calmed her down and put her back down. It was only then that we thought this might be why she's been waking during the night, and then wondered if it is what we have been letting her watch. Nothing terrible but things like ICe Age, Incredibles, Shrek (all 3 of them) which do have scary bits. She especially love films with babies in and loves the films and asks to watch them. So the last few evenings (the only time I let her watch TV), I haven't let her watch the films she wants to watch (which has lead to several tantrums) and I have limited her to In the night garden, Bob the Builder etc. Lo and behold as soon as we did this, she started sleeping through again. I feel so guiltly for letting her watch stuff that has been giving her nightmares.
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Nov 5th, 2008, 11:39 AM   #2

You shouldnt feel guilty! You should be proud of yourself!!! You cracked it kid, good for you!!!
It can be so difficult to work out what is wrong with your child if he/she is too young to explain in any detail what is the matter. Dont beat yourself up about it, you did a great job.

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Dec 9th, 2008, 21:45 PM   #3
Don't feel guilty- Elliott is terrified of the Pinky Ponk for goodness sake! You can't predict what's going to freak them out..

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Dec 11th, 2008, 13:12 PM   #4
Nightmares is unfortunately a natural stage we all go through, obviously not letting them watch things which will scare them is a good start, but even me, growing up in the mid 70's with very little tv STILL had nightmares Usually the usual monster type stuff but in no way based on anything I had 'seen' or heard about. Thinking about it that way, maybe the monsters were real?!?!?

My daughter used to have a wobbly if she was watchin the teletubbies and the lion and the bear came on...
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ellie, giving, nightmares

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