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5Yr Old With Autism...Need Some DLA Adice

Jun 25th, 2016, 17:35 PM   #1
Ok so my son has been under paediatricians since he was about 18month due to his lack of development (speech and fine motor skills) and he was last week final diagnosed with autism at the age of 5. My friends partner has a younger brother with Autism and told me I could be entitled to DLA. His speech and motor skills have come on but the reckon there is a delay that puts his mental age to about 3 1/2. Sorry I'm waffling on here my question is, is there any1 else here in the same situation that could give me some advice.

TIA xx

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Jun 25th, 2016, 17:43 PM   #2
I'm not in the same situation exactly but my 10 month old has a chromosome abnormality and her paediatrician has encouraged us to apply for DLA.

I would definitely phone the helpline and order the forms.

If you can, get somebody who knows a bit more to help you fill them in.

Our HV is coming Tuesday to give me a hand filling them in. Do you have a local children's centre that you attend?

If you like I can let you know how filling our forms goes on Tuesday... Give you an idea of what you need.

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Jun 25th, 2016, 18:18 PM   #3
Just a word of advice when filling out your forms. Describe your childs worst day so they know the difficulties they face. I know its tough being their parents and you dont want to put them in that light but trust me.

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Jun 25th, 2016, 18:27 PM   #4
That's exactly what my hv said Maaaaaac!

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Jul 3rd, 2016, 11:34 AM   #5
A friend of mine has two children with asperger's, they get DLA and she gets a carer's allowance.

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