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Four year old writing

Sep 18th, 2014, 20:05 PM   #1
My four year old started school 2 weeks ago after being in pre-school for a year perviously anyways pre-school were never concerned about his writing he can only do the 'T' of his name (Thomas) said he would pick it up before I know it, well he got his first bit of homework last night which was writing letters going around the dots then doing it alone, Thomas struggled with even the dots and I noticed he hadn't even discovered which hand to write with he was swopping it from right to left should I be concerned or will he pick it up? How can i get him to sit and try abit better he gets so frustrated with himself he is a younger one in his class only being four in june x

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Sep 18th, 2014, 20:39 PM   #2
My daughter also started school a couple of weeks ago, but will be 5 at Xmas, so approx. 6 months older than your little man. She will sit and practice and since about 3 and a half she could write her name, when having something to copy from. In the last 3/4 months she has learnt how to write her name in capitals and small letters herself with no prompting, and this week has been writing her little brothers name without any help. They say boys are slightly slower than girls at the beginning (my boy is a live wire and doesn't sit still), so if you add another couple of months on to your boy - he will probably be able to write his name with help, and soon after, he'll be able to write it without help. If they are starting to learnt hings like this at school he could be doing it soon. Basically what I mean is I wouldn't worry! Ha ha! He sounds to me like he is slightly behind my daughter, but only because she has 6 months on him! I'm sure in 6 months you'll be saying you were worried about nothing.

PS I hope that doesn't come across as preachy, or look what my daughter can do, cos that genuinely isn't my intention! I couldn't think of a way to word it any better!
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Sep 19th, 2014, 15:46 PM   #3
Boys are generally slower than girls at this type of thing, he is young, and some kids just aren't interested. I have 2 daughters, 15 months apart. Eldest will sit and draw or "write" while the youngest will run round the house like a loon. And I can't see this changing any time soon either!

With the hand swapping, I swapped until I was about 6 when my dad told me to choose a hand as I was rubbish with both...had to concentrate on one!

I'm sure it will come and is nothing to worry about x
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Sep 19th, 2014, 17:34 PM   #4
My son started school at end of May when he turned 4. For the life of him, he can't write his name... I wouldn't worry about it. The kids in his class are between ages of 4-6. So some are doing brilliantly - obviously cos they are 6, the little ones are pretty much the same as my son - can't write. It will come. I was stressing about it, but decided to just stop.
He is big into writing 'letters' (basically a scribble on a page) and wants me to put it in an envelope and write his name on back and friends name on front.
Tonight, I showed him slowly how I made the C of his name and he actually copied me! One proud Mama He couldn't do the rest of his name. But I was just so happy that he did the C Up and until now he has just refused point blank to write. Another reason why I didn't push it, figured I would wait for his sign and just go from them (gradually). xxx

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Nov 1st, 2014, 21:36 PM   #5
Boys can find the fine motor skills of writing difficult. Google activities for fine motor skills also making marks is all he needs to concentrate on if writing is difficult for him. Painting with big brushes or painting on walls with water will all help him. Talk to his teacher if worried. Xx
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Nov 8th, 2014, 21:20 PM   #6
My little guy is 4 too but still in nursery pre-school as we're in Scotland. He can now do his first name but does a crazy version of an R. He loves typing his name though and would do this way before he'd try with a pencil but I was happy that he recognises the letters in his name. He does do better depending on the pencil/pen too depending on his grip. It sounds like he's not comfortable holding that pencil in a particular hand yet, do you notice a handed dominance with other activities? Maybe if he tends to use one over the other encourage him to stick with that one for writing/drawing too.

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Nov 7th, 2015, 16:16 PM   #7
I would say follow his lead, does he seem interested? I have some alphabet writing books if you want me to email it over?
Each page focuses on a letter.
My son was keen to learn but struggled. We did one every day and then repeated. Looking back at his first one to the last is amazing! He was 4 in March and he can now form all his letters but there are other chidren in his class you are struggling to form letters.

Also make sure they form the letters the right way from the beginning. Its a hard habit to break once they learn!
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Nov 8th, 2015, 23:21 PM   #8
Get lots of wipe clean books we got them from tkmaxx and were great for practicing letter and number formation. He will soon find which way is more comfortable for him to write with. We also got a etch a sketch which was great for practicing

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