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Implantation bleed then heavy bleed 4 days later was it a miscarriage?

Dec 4th, 2017, 10:44 AM   #1
I wonder if anyone can help! I have been ttc for 3 months, I'm 25 fit and healthy. I had my first implantation bleed on day 25, it lasted for a day and a half. I have many pregnancy symptoms (nausea, back ache, dizziness). Then on day 28 I went to the loo and found heavy blood clot bleeding, I am on day 4 of my heavy bleed. I did a pregnancy test on implantation day it was negative.
I went to the doctors today and because I never officially had a positive test he told me it's just a period and I was never pregnant. I did a test there and it was negative.
I feel a bit crazy at the moment as I know my body and I have never had a bleed like my implantation bleed on day 25.
Can anyone relate to this or shine some light, could I have had a miscarriage?
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Dec 5th, 2017, 21:09 PM   #2
Hi Rubymum, it might be a good idea to post this on the ‘Trying to Conceive’ forum where you might get more replies and opinions.

I had an experience on one of my cycles where I had implantation bleeding followed by 2 days of faint positive pregnancy tests, then had heavy bleeding about 4 days later and negative tests. I had what is known as a chemical pregnancy or an early loss. Its possible you may have had this too. Unfortunately they are quite common. I’m sorry you had a difficult experience, sometimes the whole thing can make you feel like you’re going crazy, but it’s true that you know your body better than anyone. Good luck with the rest of your TTC journey XX
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