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Moan long post but advice needed please

Nov 3rd, 2017, 21:27 PM   #1
Hi all, Iím 11+4 and have had a really difficult few weeks! Before my dating scan on Wednesday I have had to have four early scans. One was for pain, they put my dates back, saw two sacs, the second scan was a follow up where the dates were fine, one sac remained and there was a heartbeat. The third was a private one because I had vomited so much that I had a bleed, the epu couldnít fit me in until almost a week later, all was lovely and baby was really moving around. The fourth one was the epu one that they insisted I go to as they do t have much regard for private results, everything was great.
In the meantime I have had my booking appointment where the emphasis was really on my age (I will be 40 if and when baby arrives), yes I know Iím old and high risk but did they really have to keep saying it? Theyíve already said I will get gestational diabetes solely because of my age!
Anyway, pity paragraph coming up, I went for my dating scan, they put me exactly where I thought I was in terms of dates, the baby could not stop wriggling which was lovely. I had the combined screening and they rang me th next day, never good!
The downs result was 1:120, the Edwards result was 1:50,000 and the other one was 1:7700. Because of the downs result I am considered high risk. The midwife who rang me said aside from my age she could see nothing that was jumping out at her in terms of concerns. The nucha fold was 1.3mm which apparently is very good, my hcg levels are perfect and the other test was also perfect. She gave me three options, ignore, have the SAFE test or a CVS. she told me to google it and made me and appointment for today to have the blood test.
I googled it and saw that the test cost £350 and was 99% accurate, I got into a state because I though I would have to pay that. When I got to the hospital I cried and cried, they were lovely and told me I didnít have to pay. Anyway Iíve had the blood test and now have to wait an agonising week for the results and it will either be high or low risk. Has anyone else had experience of this.

Thanks for reading really appreciate it
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Nov 5th, 2017, 01:50 AM   #2
Sending you loads of hugs xx
I'm around the same age, and haven't had my booking appt. I am now scared of these tests.. but also I have had cousins who have had babies well into their 40s .. healthy babies ..

Good luck, and please don't stress .. you need to relax

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