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3 consecutive miscarriages now chemical pregnancy - what is the progesterone to use?

Sep 21st, 2017, 09:55 AM   #1
Hi guys I have a healthy happy 6 year old that was brought into this world by emergency c section - we have not used condoms since her birth so it has taken us a good few years to even start getting pregnant anyway 16 months ago completely out of the blue I found out I was pregnant sadly lost it at 8 weeks after seeing heartbeat few months after that fell pregnant again but lost that blighted ovum at 5+5 last pregnancy had stopped growing at 5 weeks and had an injection to end the pregnancy at 10 weeks
I am currently 5 weeks pregnant but looks like it's a chemical pregnancy as my positive lines where not getting any darker and today has actually been negative on 2 different types with fmu
I did go and see a fertility dr after my last miscarriage and he carried out blood tests and told me to start taking 2x 75mg aspirin a day and as soon as I get pregnant to go straight to epu and they will give me clexane injections also progesterone suppositories - but unfortunately when I went up on Monday I was sent home as that dr has now left and they will not go by his records but I will have to go back when I am atleast 6 weeks for more blood tests so they can decide the best course of action 😔

My questions are do you think the emergency c section is causing me problems with implantation? The scar on the outside was a horrible mess everyone commented on the state of it even the nurses so I'm wondering if it was that bad on the outside what could it be like on inside with scar tissue

Next question is what progesterone strength do people get prescribed? I am wondering if I can buy some online as by the sounds of things my new fertility dr won't even see me until I have another miscarriage and then he will do tests

Sorry to ramble though it would help give all details xxxxxx
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Sep 21st, 2017, 15:29 PM   #2
Hi Kelly,

The bad news is that progesterone supplements are getting harder and harder to have prescribed because of some stupid study the miscarriage association carried out. (Well its not stupid, its valid, but the problem is the result of it is being used to tell all manner of people that they don't need it because it's not proven to do anything,...when in fact the study was carried out on people with 'unexplained' recurrent miscarriage, rather than on people with proven issues. So, long story short, if like me you fall into that category you'll likely get fobbed off with the same answer)

The good news is you can get it online, but not in the same form. When you're prescribed it you get pessaries to 'insert', you wont be able to buy them so it wont be as strong, but you can buy creams etc that you can use to up your levels. Hopefully I'll be finding out the names of suppliers soon so when I do I'll come back on here and let you know! In the meantime, keep battling...my consultant told me that this issue is still really under researched which is why they have so few answers, and with cuts to NHS funding, getting anything 'just to help' is going to get harder.

Hope this helps...good luck x (As for the c section, sorry my love, I have no experience on that one!)

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Sep 28th, 2017, 18:31 PM   #3
I am sorry you are going through this. I would recommend doing additional tests, karyotyping to find out more about the reasons why y experience mcs. In case of genetics issues a doc might recommend combining yr treatment with pgs ngs that increases chances of a healthy pregnancy. Good luck
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Sep 28th, 2017, 19:48 PM   #4
Personally I would ask for copies of your medical records regarding the tests you had done and go to a different fertility doctor. Were you diagnosed with a clotting disorder? I am assuming so with the plan he had for you once pregnant. If this is the case then you need to have it all in place before getting pregnant next time.
I had the progesterone prescribed quite happily by my fertility doctor. I had three previous Mc's at that point with everything clear on blood tests. I knew I had low progesterone though so wanted to try it.
I hope you get some help and I am so sorry for what you're going through xx

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