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Breastfeeding and IBS

Jul 11th, 2018, 19:18 PM   #1
Hi ladies

I'm currently breastfeeding my nearly 2 week old, I breast fed her sister until she was 1 and I would love to feed this baby until 1 to but, I suffer with IBS which has gotten much worse since I had DD1 and I'm looking to see what medication anyone takes while breastfeeding?

I will of course discuss this with my gp at my 6 week pp checkup but I'd like to be able to go armed with some information. I'm aware I can't use buscopan or imodium which have always been my go to products. Diet used to make a difference and it was only certain foods which would set me off (cramps and diarrhea) but now anything can.

I really want to breastfeed for a long period but in honesty I'm not willing to put myself through all the pain and diarrhea anymore

Thanks for reading, any experiences would be great
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Jul 11th, 2018, 21:43 PM   #2
Congratulations first of all!! I kind of follow the July thread in anticipation of my own daughter arriving in September. I used to have really bad IBS but for some.reason it.kind of calmed.down in my 30s. I used to boil plain white rice and eat just that for a couple of dayd and it would help loads. No drinks other than water thought and just plain bland rice can get boring. Give it a go though! I used to swear by it! And good luck!

Also, do not feel guilty in any case. Your baby needs you healthy and happy, so regardless of outcome youre doing an amazing job!
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Jul 13th, 2018, 21:46 PM   #3
Since having my son and an extremely bad back I’ve had very conflicting advice from gps when it comes to medication.

I had an argument with one who told me absolutely not to take ibuprofen and I said it is recommended on the nhs website!! The breastfeeding network have loads of factsheets on various drugs and remedies - check the site out for the drugs you are wanting to take. And best of luck!
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breastfeeding, ibs

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