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Elfs Mummy
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Completely gutted

Mar 9th, 2017, 08:57 AM   #1
Charlie's on complete breast refusal so it looks like our bf journey
Is over I'm completely devastated I wasn't ready to stop and nor was he but it seems his choking on food and me being pregnant means that he doesn't want to continue. I was hoping to tandem feed. No point to this post really but after battling through 5 months of tongue tie I was just beginning to really enjoy breast feeding
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Mar 9th, 2017, 10:50 AM   #2
That's a shame. I've breast fed both of mine but as soon as I got pregnant my milk disappeared so perhaps this has happened to you and he is frustrated? With my first I got pregnant when she was 5 months and by 6 months was only producing about 300ml a day (I expressed). With my second I got pregnant when he was 9 months and by 9.5 months I had to stop as there was barely anything coming out x
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Mar 9th, 2017, 17:11 PM   #3
How long has be been refusing? Maybe his just on strike?x
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Elfs Mummy
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Mar 9th, 2017, 19:32 PM   #4
It's been getting worst for two weeks we're now n day three of complete refusal no matter what I try x
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Mar 23rd, 2017, 23:05 PM   #5
Don't get yourself down. I remember being in a BF support group when Jakob was in hospital at 2 weeks old due to not feeding and losing loads of his body weight and breaking down in tears in front of a load of strangers. I felt so pressured to breast feed but it's just not always possible, I felt like I was a failure. I expressed for a few weeks and then made the decision to move to formula. Jakob is now 10, fit, healthy, top of his class academically and very sporty (sorry that sounds super arrogant) but just to prove that breast milk isn't the bee all and end all!! xx
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Mar 28th, 2017, 14:24 PM   #6
Please don't feel guilty. I had no choice but to formula feed. I felt guilty and pretty much alone, like i was the only mother who felt this way.
I found a really good article the other day that sums up how i feel. I can't post the link as i'm still new to this forum so it wont let me but go to an australian website call 'mumcentral' and look at an article called 'Breast is not always best'.
Chin up. Im sure you're doing a great job x
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completely, gutted

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