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Umm... Well that didn't take long...

Aug 8th, 2017, 15:35 PM   #1
Err, so I just tested with some 15mui cheap tests (yes at 2pm) and got lines and decided to use the Clear Blue normal one which is 25mui same as the digis and got a line on that too... So I did a digi as well ('cos I just bought two more to hopefully check progression over the next fortnight etc) and only went and got a 'Pregnant 1-2'

It's not unusal for me to have stronger results in the afternoon/evening, has happened with previous pregnancies and this time around my temp has been spiking so much in the afternoons I get borderline feverish!

Will have to go join the April Mummies Thread


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Aug 8th, 2017, 15:45 PM   #2
Congratulations! I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months x

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Aug 8th, 2017, 17:37 PM   #3
Congratulations hun!!


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Aug 11th, 2017, 21:31 PM   #4
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Aug 11th, 2017, 22:38 PM   #5
Congratulations! Xx

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Aug 12th, 2017, 09:38 AM   #6
Congratulations xx

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Baby Pickle
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Aug 15th, 2017, 18:10 PM   #7
Congratulations x

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Aug 15th, 2017, 19:29 PM   #8
Massive congratulations xx

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Oct 10th, 2017, 21:19 PM   #9
Congratulations xxx

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maybe baby
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Oct 22nd, 2017, 22:49 PM   #10
Congrats Lander!


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long, umm

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