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Anti reflux milk and poops

Oct 3rd, 2018, 15:08 PM   #1
Hi, ds is nearly 4 months now. Around 1 month old he was prescribed gaviscon, it worked for a little while but then seemed to make him worse, so took him off it and he was perfectly fine.
Now 2 months later, he started being sick again then on Monday he projectile vomited so I tried him on cow and gate anti reflux milk and he is amazing no sick, sleeps so much better, no crying after a bottle and he can drink the whole thing without having to stop for a burp or crying inbetween.
Well it's causing him to poop loads! Usually he poops once a day or sometimes once every other day which was normal for him. He's now pooping 4+ times a day which are explosive and runny... I'm abit worried about dehydration. What do I do???

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Oct 3rd, 2018, 17:09 PM   #2
I think it’s possibly a common side effect of anything anti-reflux. My little man has been prescribed ranatadine for reflux and has had similar nappies (explosive and runny) since he’s been on that. We were told it was normal and nothing to worry about. Perhaps just keep an eye out for signs of dehydration but otherwise it might be worth continuing with the milk if overall it’s helping xx
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Oct 5th, 2018, 21:16 PM   #3
How long ago did you switch the milk? Whenever anything changes it can cause different kind of poops and different frequencies of going, so it could be that he's just getting used to digesting a slightly different formula.

As Nivetha said, as long as there's no signs of dehydration (no wet nappies, sunken eyes/sunken soft spot, drowsiness/sickness, or just acting odd in general) then it may be something that is either his new normal or that changes as he adjusts to the formula. If you are worried though, mention it to your health visitor and take a photo or two to show them the kind of poops you mean. They'll be able to tell you straight away if it's anything to be concerned about

If it's any consolation, my DS is a year old now and he does really loose HUGE poops twice a day that smell like death. He didn't usually do this until a few months ago. He's also taken to doing them on his hands and knees, sometimes with his head on the floor and on his hands and knees. Odd.

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