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Copper coil experiences?

Feb 20th, 2018, 09:14 AM   #1
So I've had the copper coil put in after 3 month pp.. I'm ebf but got my periods back shortly before getting it in (small price to pay for a baby who sleeps through!) but I've heard it makes periods really bad. Was wondering what experiences people have had with it as I've got a bad lower back ache today (one week after putting it in)... wondered if it was connected?
The idea of Birth control without hormones is brilliant though, I get awful side effects from them!
Tia xx

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Feb 20th, 2018, 14:33 PM   #2
Hi, i had the copper coil for 5 years. I had it removed just before i started ttc with my current 10 week old baby. My periods with the coil were very heavy and lasted for 8-9 days a time. Other than that i had no problem with it, hence the reason i didnt bother removing it.
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Feb 20th, 2018, 18:36 PM   #3
I've had it twice.

the first time I had it put in I was 22, I got painful heavy periods for the first 3/4 months but then they settled back down to light and 3/4 days long. I loved it

had it removed after 1.5 years and conceived in 3months

second time I had it put it 12wpp. to start with periods lasted the usual 3/4 days and were a bit heavier then before. after 15m I got a random bleed one night, with huge clots and very painful, I actually thought it might be a MC. a few weeks later and I had another random gush of blood. just a spoonful but it was weird. that happened a few more times mid cycle and then sex started to become painful, obviously I was worried it was something more serious so saw the Dr. she said it couldn't possibly be the copper coils fault so I had scans and tests but they couldn't find anything. about 22m after having the coil fitted I got a lump in my boob, again really worrying and the whole thing was stressing meout. GP didn't want to take the coil out as she said it couldn't be blamed and she knew I didn't want hormonal contraception. I begged and begged for it removed while I waited to see a specialist. eventually it was removed and the lump went, the bleeding and pain stopped and I felt normal. I think my hormones must have been all over the place through bf and stuff. it was the wprst time of my life

that being said I'd loved my first coil and I'd still try another one after this pregnancy but I'd take it out the minute I had issues

I still highly recommend it good luck

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