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Toddler now waking early in bed.. urgh!

Jul 23rd, 2017, 07:55 AM   #1
We put my 2.5 year in a bed (took sides off cot bed) about 4-5 weeks ago, started off no different from cot in that he went to bed fine and woke around 7 (the dream!). And now for the last 2 weeks he's been waking at 5 and will not go back to sleep in his or our bed. We've tried offering rewards and the gro-clock and nothing works. I'm 21wks pregnant and don't sleep well as it is and a 5am start is destroying me. Really hope this is a phase as can't take this when there's a newborn too!

Anyone else experience this and have any tips for me? PLEEEEEASE!!? x

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Jul 23rd, 2017, 21:13 PM   #2
My friend's LO was like this for a period of few weeks and then got back to normal. Fingers crossed your little boy will be the same x

Can there be something that is waking him up? Light entering his room (days start warly in summer), noise? X

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Jul 24th, 2017, 05:45 AM   #3
I jist finally did sleep training for the same reason ( pregnant)and now he finally sleeps instead of up gmfeefinh every hour. but usually always up by about the 5.30 or earlier mark. After no sleep for 15 months i thought thos would be bliss but now im finally entering deeper sleep it feels exhausting getting up early.

Hope it passes for both of us. I don't have the heart most days to tell him night night to sleep longer Because we are both used to cuddles all night! but if I persist it Gets him asleep till about 7 ish after some tears .

Hope it passes for both of us!! Sorry i couldn't help. Would he play in his room until the gro clocks the right colour?
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Jul 24th, 2017, 08:31 AM   #4
my little girl went into her big girl bed about 2 months ago and she was similar started waking earlier. we had a gro clock to and I would say she had to go back to sleep until it was yellow. I'd threaten to shut the door which always worked for me. I've never shut the door on her but the threat works for us
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Jul 25th, 2017, 20:40 PM   #5
Thanks for your replies ladies. There's literally been no change aside from the bed. He has a black out blind so it's not the light annoyingly as that's fixable! Explain to him the gro-clock most nights to no avail. Also tried to suggest he play with toys as he has some but in fairness because of the blind it's a bit too dark even with the clock light! Shepherdess maybe it's worth trying keep putting him back in bed then as you would do at bed time if they kept getting out? We've taken the easy way out and let him get in our bed so maybe he sees that as a reward so possibly taking that away may help? Had a 'lie in' this morning as he didn't wake til 6 but that hour makes all the difference! Xx

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