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Does toilet training ever end?!!!

Dec 23rd, 2016, 18:29 PM   #1
My son is 4 and we thought back in September that we were finally done and dusted and that our boy was finally clean and dry - this was a year in the making and a ruddy miracle.... that is until 2 days ago... He has started soiling his pants again and only doing tiny poos in the loo and today just to add to it he's weeing himself too.

Now I'm told it could be just the excitment of the festivities and to just try to be calm but honestly, it is easier said than done. We worked long and hard, going through battle after battle to get him clean and dry, we even had to get the health visitor in to help get him toilet trained, but now he has completely regressed. By late afternoon and the umpteenth pant change and me washing poo off his pants it gets pretty darn hard not to just tell him off. I've discussed it with him only for him to poo himself again half an hour later. I don't know how to handle this.

I just wanted to vent. I'm really so so tired of this.

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Dec 23rd, 2016, 19:25 PM   #2
This is likely to be almost unheard of but try the pelvic fysio and rule out that there's no issues with controlling his bowels and bladder. I've heard of this the first time about a girl in my mummy group she's the older child and she ended up going as she weed so much and despite being toilet trained kept weeing herself and it turned out she had a weak pelvic floor even if that's not the issue it might be nice to rule it out to say the least and as pelvic fysios are quite knowledged on the bottom part bits they might be able to help you onto the right direction. X

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